Justin Beiber arrested in FL


I usually dont care or follow what Justin beiber does, but in this case, its hard not to, as its all the media wants to talk about today LOL

Make me wonder if this cop was not trying to make a name for himself, how many kids are arrested for street racing, Ive not heard of any around here, usually they just get a ticket or warning.

I guess it should not surprise me, this is the same group (law enforcement) that is actually investigating him for throwing eggs at his neighbors house in LA!!! what a nice way to spend tax payer money! so some equally rich guy can get his house re-painted or cleaned. lol




If he has done something illegal then he deserves to be punished by the law…just because he is famous doesnt mean he should get away with stuff and get special treatment…


Justin Bieber Arrested on DUI, Allegedly Admits to Beer, Pot, Prescription Drug Use

Drag racing in a crowded tourist area while drunk and high seems like the perfect way to kill someone. Luckily the police made the arrests before anybody was hurt.


That link didn’t work for me.


I fixed it


Your attitude or implication is that he is being picked on by the police for being rich and famous. It has been obvious for some time now that he has had a number of acting out type behaviors. He is only 19 years old and the real problem here is that society seems to promote younger and younger stars. The fame and riches seem to end up destroying their lives. Yet what is hyped up and promoted is that being very young, rich, famous is the way to be. Driving drunk is pretty serious and if so, he is fortunate that he didn’t hurt himself or kill someone innocent. Destroying someone’s property to the figure of 20k isn’t funny either. I had to go to court and testify once in a case of a drunk driver that killed a man going to pick up pizza. This stuff isn’t funny. Drag racing isn’t funny. Justin Beiber at age 19 wasting his life away in acting out behaviors isn’t funny but when you have not been held accountable since he became a big rock star this is what you get. As I heard on the radio WJR AM, we will see if he lasts to 21 years of age. Unless he turns his life around fast, I think I agree with Paul W. Smith.


If this is all true, hopefully this serves as a wake up call for him.

I recall a few years ago seeing threads pop up praising Bieber for being pro-life or pro-abstinence (I forget which). It is always sad to see another young star go down the same dark path once they hit their 18th birthday.

EDIT: Here’s the old thread I was thinking of: Justin Bieber Says He’s Pro-Life on Abortion, Wait for Sex.


Too bad making lousy music isn’t a crime. Then he would have been arrested years ago.:smiley:


Thanks for the link Joe, but even reading it and your comment is that you yourself said that he soft peddled waiting for sex till you are in love and believed abortion was ok for rape and incest. I think he has tried to promote some type of Christian image but being so young with fame and fortune seems to ruin too many lives. There are not brakes and no accountability for him and many others. There are just too many temptations out there and living the glamorous high life doesn’t bring one lasting happiness and satisfaction. The last pictures I’ve seen of him have him looking so miserable and unhappy and bored with everything.


Sorry, but this kid is a mess and the best thing the media could do is hush. Instead of paying attention to his nonsense and obvious lack of maturity the media should ignore him. He is a spoiled brat at best.

I really think that this country’s young people would fare better if the news shows and entertainment world would focus on discussing those in the industry that act like they have some brains, do good for others and charities, are devoted to their sport or art. But no, the only thing they like is the trouble makers and fools. Goes to that sensationalism factor so well.


Right. :o I’m sure these kids are being coached on what to say. No one would go for an artist who is still a minor if they were saying “I don’t believe in God and sex is no big deal.” It’s really an odd juxtaposition how kid artists need a clean image before they are 18 in order to be successful. Yet after they turn 18, they seem to try to shed that image as quickly as possible. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but it’s tough not to notice a pattern.

Bored is probably a good description. He’s only 19. He has most of the rest of his life before him. And yet he has already peaked and earned more fame and fortune than most people will ever dream to have. I can see how a person in that situation would resort to increasingly risky behavior just to not be “bored”.


The best thing that could happen to him would be for an insightful judge to apply the maximum legal penalties to him if he is found guilty. A year or two in jail would be of great help in putting his life in order.


He seems a classic case of “too much, too soon”. Unfortunately, I think some of these young pop stars can start believing (or beliebing, in his case) their own hype.

When he came to the UK last year he was extremely upset because his friend (who was under 18) was refused entry to a nightclub - 18 is the legal age for drinking alcohol in the UK. It’s a lack of connection with reality - the law applies to everyone, multi-millionaires included.


He is an accident looking for a place to happen. He needs help.


I really think that this country’s young people would fare better if the news shows and entertainment world would focus on discussing those in the industry that act like they have some brains

They’d go out of business fast from their lack of those to choose from.


If the allegations are (and I am assuming they are, I just haven’t bothered to read the link yet) then Beiber should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Though I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. His life is a mess just like every teen pop idol’s life is a mess. Which is why I am completely against teenage pop stars. Justin probably have fared much better if he had only waited til he was 18 before trying to pursue any singing career. It isn’t like his voice would have stop working or anything.


I believe he was discovered on a youtube clip. There has always been a long history of childhood stars probably starting with Shirley Temple. But being a childhood star in the 1930’s is much different than today with all the pressure and availability of drugs and sex. Even past young stars like Judy Garland have run into problems with drug use, broken marriages and all the rest. Judy’s big brake with the Wizard of Oz was when she was 16 years old. she signed the first contract at 13. When I was young, it was David Cassidy and the Partridge Family and he was just recently arrested for drunk driving. One wonders what is in store for the tots and tiara stars. Fame and fortune are hard for anyone to handle well, let alone young people and if you look at childhood stars from the past to present, there is a consistent theme of the fame and fortune being a big curse to those it comes to than a blessing that is promoted by the media.


Pray for the Bieb. I’m a guy and remember being 18 and doing many worse things but not getting caught, and those wild and crazy things were typical for most all the guys I was friends with or knew as acquaintances. Let the kid grow out of it, and pray for him. He is a son of God like us.


He’s only a resident of America and committed a felony. He should be deported to Canada. Let him rehabilitate or something and then maybe he can come back in a while and apply for US citizenship.

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