Justin Bieber's Mom Says She Rejected Abortion


ttie’s interview, some say, sheds a new light on a 2011 interview then-sixteen-year-old Justin granted with Rolling Stone’s editor Vanessa Grigoriadis in which he stated, “I really don’t believe in abortion.”

“I think it [the unborn child] is a human. It’s like killing a baby,” Bieber said at the time.

Good for them! (and I don’t even have Bieber Fever) Maybe this will put in in perspective for some pro-choice people. You never know what gifts and talents you might be denying the world by aborting your child.

The youth singer is Canadian, yes? Then it is even more impressive that he and his family have publicly stood up against abortion, given their nation’s pro-abortion laws, or lack thereof.

Thanks for sharing this! Wonderful article! :slight_smile:


Just so nice to see this mom come out and tell her story.

Show this to those who are antis of Justin Bieber, and one would see at least some pro-abort posts.

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