Justin Ross Harris Guilty on all charges (hot death in SUV)

Justin Ross Harris intended to kill his 22-month-old son Cooper when he left him locked in the back of his SUV for roughly seven hours, a Glynn County jury concluded Monday.
Harris was convicted on all eight counts at around 3 p.m. today.


It’s been the top story for eons here.
I suppose there will be a huge Dateline Special, a 20/20 special, a tv movie…:frowning:
The reading of the verdict has been on all afternoon. He looked shocked. Eight counts.

May this precious child rest in peace.
Prayers offered for the child’s mother and family.

I’ve followed this story. Poor little boy .:frowning:

These stories make me so, so sad.

I know this man was convicted, but I have heard about technology in cars (not sure if it’s available yet in some models) that have alerts for motion inside the vehicle. I would hope that something like that could at least prevent accidental deaths. It’s a horrible way to die. :frowning:

Praying for the repose of this baby & for the Mother & family.

What a terrible man. He will not be popular in prison.

Prayers for the precious child.

O Lord, whose ways are beyond understanding,
listen to the prayers of your faithful people:
that those weighed down by grief
at the loss of this little child
may find reassurance in your infinite goodness.
Through Christ our Lord.

This story has never been that publicized here. However, the verdict was today. It is so sad to me that a child would die in this manner.

I appreciate the prayers said for this precious child of God said on this news forum.

May justice be served.


I can’t imagine a father intentionally leaving his beautiful baby in a hot car most of the day. What a monster! How could he be shocked? A very selfish man. I wonder what his sentence will be. I remember when this happened and it just broke my heart.

Georgia still has the death penalty.
Our Chancery publicizes the vigils at the penitentiary all the time.
He didn’t testify. HIs former wife gave very heart wrenching testimony.
There was a flicker of shock, then no emotion whatsoever.
Everyone was HOPING is was a tragic mistake. The media were even telling people to leave their cell phones in the back seat, so they wouldn’t “forget” their kids!!!
What clinched it was the testimony about his sex addiction and porn use.
The prosecution claimed that was why he wanted to nit have the child.
Awful. Just ten minutes prior to leaving him, they are seen on a Chik Fil A camera buying breakfast. It’s just such an odd case. It’s been on TV daily.

Poor baby.

I remember how they said he had been sexting that very day. So the wife was cleared?
This was only him? At first they thought it was an accident, I had my suspicions. Didn’t he even go out to his car during the day to put something in the car?
To think how that child suffered that day is so sickening. I notice you say former wife-so I guess she divorced him during the trial process.
I don’t understand these cases where they “forget” their child is in the back seat or even a pet or police dog. It has happened here in Arizona often and in the summer it is so hot. I always know when my granddaughter is in my car with me. An accident is so hard to imagine, but to think someone would intentionally cause the death of their child this way is diabolical.

There was a Washington Post story a few years back about accidental deaths in cars. It was heartbreaking, and hard to read. The memory expert quoted basically said – if you’re capable of forgetting your cell phone at home or in your car, you’re capable of forgetting your child. The article did offer a few suggestions to reduce the risk of forgetting. Some car seat makers and carmakers are working on technological solutions to reduce the risk as well.

Someone intentionally causing the death of their child in this way is, like you put it, diabolical. No other word for it.

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