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I was talking to one of my friends (I don’t think he is a very good JW because I didn’t know he was a JW for years) and we started talking about the Jehovah’s witnesses and blood. He told me his basic beliefs on it and I pointed out these bible verses-- “It shall be a perpetual statute throughout your generations, in all your dwelling places, that you eat neither fat nor blood” (Lev. 3:17). “The Lord said to Moses, ‘Say to the people of Israel, You shall eat no fat, of ox, or sheep, or goat. The fat of an animal that dies of itself, and the fat of one that is torn by beasts, may be put to any other use, but on no account shall you eat it. For every person who eats of the fat of an animal of which an offering by fire is made to the Lord shall be cut off from his people. Moreover you shall eat no blood whatever, whether of fowl or of animal, in any of your dwellings. Whoever eats any blood, that person shall be cut off from his people’” (Lev 7:22–27).

He shook it off and told me that they didn’t get their beliefs from that verse but from Acts 15:29 "namely, to abstain from meat sacrificed to idols, from blood, from meats of strangled animals, and from unlawful marriage. If you keep free of these, you will be doing what is right. Farewell.’’

How do I counter that? I used a good strategy and said “huh”. And with this, class ended and we were on our way. I’m not sure how to “work” on this topic?


A transfusion is not eating blood, it is not part of any sacrifice to idols, it has nothing to do with that reference in the Bible. It is a control button the WT pushes to determine member loyalty. They use to to punish those who won’t worship the idol called the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, an idol that demands the blood of children like Molech did.


What direction are you trying to work towards, the Eucharist?


You might find the information at www.ajwrb.org helpful. Also you can visit our site and listen to my podcast Blood On The Altar at www.catholicxjw.com

Jeff S.


first off, there weren’t any blood transfusions thousands of years ago. secondly, blood is used to save a life. or to replace what one loses from serious ilness, surgery or anemia.

thirdly, their stance on the blood issue is completely whacked out. the bible does not forbid the use of blood transfusions. all life is sacred to God, and using blood to save a life is a good thing.

also note it is referring to eating blood. no one in there right mind would drink blood or eat it. blood transfusions are not given as food. they do not go directly to the stomach and are not absorbed as food. they are not seeing the facts.

all a blood transfusion does is increase your hemoglobin. they do not understand this seemingly. also note, that thousands of needless deaths have occured in the society from a lack of blood transfusions to save the life of their members.

so in effect, they are guilty of not respecting life and not trying to save a life. All life is sarcred to God, therefore the witnesses do not respect the sacredness of life do they? no. in this case, they are not respecting God. also they do not respect the command “Thou shalt not kill”. the governing body is responible for the deaths of thousands of innocents, thus they are not heeding this command.

they use fear and emotional blackmail to enforce their stance on the blood issue. your damned if you take it!! it is coercion, and it is also wrong of them to do that. they threaten people with eternal damnation, and shunning if they take a blood transfusion.

how dare they presume to speak for God! they speak for their father, the devil. and no one else.


Just ask him how he likes his steak - with fat and rare? Or, without any fat and cooked to a crisp? Which is the way he should eat it given the bible verses he quoted? If he, as every JW I’ve ever eaten beef with, likes his steak with some red or pink in it then it’s up to him to discuss why his conscience says that’s OK but a blood transfusion is not.


Thought you might find this interesting…


Maybe you can find more info on that thread.


That passage is taken out of context as the JWs do with everything. The deal about transfusing compared to eating won’t work with them as they already have an answer for that. Let’s go to Romans Chapter 14:

A man of sound faith knows he can eat anything.

The kingdom of God is not a matter of eating or drinking,….

Take care not to destroy God’s work for the sake of something to eat. True, all foods are clean; but it is wrong for a man to eat when the food offends his conscience.

No food is forbidden. Whatever a man eats or drinks is up to each one according to his conscience. Peter, in his vision was told by God to arise and eat. Peter said, no Lord, nothing unclean has ever passed my lips. God said that everything is good.


Ask them if they will eat halal foods and get back to me. I am still waiting for an answer to that one. So far the answer I have is – I would not but so far I am unaware of the society banning us from eating it.:rolleyes:


Show them this and ask them if blood transfussion is OK in Bulgaria, why is it not OK anywhere else. I’m sure the Watchtower Society has kept its people in the dark about this.


Very interesting! If this can be verified, it would be a major departure from their teaching. They have made many “doctrine” changes before but one this big should open the eyes of all JWs!


You do not understand my friend.

When JC spoke to His apostles, He knew they would not understand His profound teaching. When He prayed His church would be one, He knew it wouldnt. When He instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist, at the Last Supper, He did not mean to. His mind was distracted on other things.

When He instituted the Sacrement of Reconciliation, His mind was likewise distracted. When He instituted the ‘laying on of hands’ He was also thinking about other things,

When He spoke of love and reconciliation, He was mistaken. Not because He was God but because He was also man.

When Jesus said ‘the church could not err’ He was not speaking literally, it was one of His little jokes. When He said 'the gates of hell would never prevail against His church, he did not mean it literally as He knew full well He was powerless in the presence of evil.

When He asked John to look after His mother, as He hung on the cross, he was dilusional as it is well known that Mary broke her vows to be a conscrated virgin and to engage in sexual intercourse, eventually having 10-children.After all, it is well known that no woman can live without a bit of the hanky panky!

When Jesus made promises to His apostles, He was only joking!

In reality God knew that the promises He made were not worth the breath He took to say them. No, He knew His church was not real, we would have to wait for another nearly 2000-years before the ‘real’ chruch emerged: the Jehovah Witnesses:thumbsup:


There is no way to counteract that scripture, because the Bible is clear on this subject. Acts 15:28,29 says that we need to ABSTAIN from blood, and it puts it in the same category as fornication. So if you really want proper Bible truth, then I recommend that you look at Jehovah’s Witnesses because they are doing it right. They have an abundance of information that is published by them and also tons of medical information that supports them, and its available all over the world. Congrats to JW’s who stand up for the scriptures, and they are willing to be counted despite hatred by many others


Hello JW Truth!

I spoke to several Jw’s here, and none could answer my Bible Questions. A shame really. I am glad you came on the scene! Praise Jehovah! Finally someone who claims to be a JW who loves the bible! Will it last?

Please stay. I am going to bed (long overdue) but cant wait to talk to you!
I miss Jone. Do you know her? I really miss her and pray for her a lot.

Thank you and welcome! I prayed to Mary for one of you to come! She heard me!:slight_smile:

Ask anything you like!:thumbsup:


Interesting comparision : however the laws in the bible were written for several reasons.

There are obvious reasons why fornication (outside marriage) is forbidden and included in the bible however in the proper context SEX (within marriage) is necessary and encouraged.

I’ll leave it up to you to research WHY there was a prohibition of Blood included (try to focus on how it was being used back in biblical times versus the difference of what a blood transfusion is used for).

Also, why are blood fractions allowed now (as a matter of conscience)? I’ve looked through the scriptures in my bible and your bible (trying to apply JW logic to that) and I can’t come up with any conclusions on that one.


Looks like Jwtruth is not wanting a two way conversation. Its looking one way right now. Hit and run for the hills. At least Jone posted a few posts.

I’ll check back later. I am giving blood tomorrow at my parish so I like to take it easy the day before. I am so anemic I may need a blood transfusion soon.


I agree with you, JW’s do many things right. The JW’s I have known were good, honest people.

For the sake of discussion, I’d really like to seperate the JW’s themselves from the Organization they follow & discuss that organization in greater detail. I have some questions about how you can be certain that Russell was actually the “faithful & discreet slave.” - who spoke for Jehovah as he claimed. He prophecized quite a bit - as have the leaders that have come after him. I’m curious if you are aware of the history of the Watchtower Organization? If I start a new thread, will you join me?


JW’s are not vegetarians. In fact, I have a next door neighbor who is JW and one of his favorite foods is liver and onions. And rare roast beef. Anyone who tells you that JW’s abstain from blood and base their beliefs on either Acts or the OT is well a brain washed JW thinking illogically. And will probably enjoy his rare roast beef next time Mama makes it.


I had beef tartar as a kid. No problems from mommy dearest.


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