JW Kingdom Halls


Question came up on the weekend, why the Kingdom Halls do not have any windows? Maybe a small one at the front door but thats it.

Is it because its easier to build and less expense.

or another reason??

just curious, until my friend brought it up I hadnt noticed. I figured someone here would know.:slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s creepy.


I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head…easier and cheaper construction…though some of the faithful J-dubs might be convinced it’s so that when “Armageddon” comes, no one can spy on them.

The cynic in my says that it’s also to prevent the faithful from being distracted from the brain washing during meetings.


Another reason (aside from being cheaper) is because w/o windows, JWs cannot wonder and look to the outside and lose concentration on their “wonderful” topics about the WT.


Not all Kingdom Halls are windowless. But most are.

When I was in northern Virginia we attended a Kingdom hall that had windows down both sides. The one we came from in southern California was the no window variety.

Cheaper construction and less vandalism are the reasons I always heard growing up.


It’s because all those rotten little catholic kids keep busting out the windows on the way to school.:smiley:



J.R. Brown, national spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“Our halls vary with the climate and security concerns of a region. For example in the Caribbean they are open-air . . . but in the United States we have given quite a bit of attention to security and vandalism, so we will build halls without windows. And air-conditioning is expensive [with more windows].”


That is interesting. I had not noticed but now recall that a Kingdom Hall I pass every Sunday is conspicous by it’s lack of windows. It is a very modern building.


wow we are inquiring minds :smiley:

looks like the cheaper ac thing is the winner, but still other churches have windows especially the Catholic ones and they dont seem worried about vandals

at least not enough to leave out windows . . . :wink:

tossing that suspcious ball out there yet again…:smiley:


I asked the question at a KH and the response was that it was cheaper that way and that this way, they wouldn’t have wondering eyes looking out to the streets and not paying attention to their teachings.


I dont know wether to laugh or be creeped out…


I asked that of a JW I know. They gave me this list of reasons:

  1. People won’t be distracted from the discourse by things going on outside.

  2. No windows makes it harder for vandelism and burglary to happen.

  3. Cheaper construction.


The funny thing is I’ve visited several Kingdom Halls that had curtains set up on the wall on the inside to make it look as if there were windows…funny.


What the curtains. . . .

(monty python reference there :wink: )

but that is too funny and strange, Im starting to think its more to do with the distraction thing.

But I guess it works for them, is there any other churches who dont have windows?


It’s a relatively new thing.
When I was a kid back in the 60s and 70s,
the Kingdom Halls all had windows on both sides of the Kingdom Hall.

I think there are two factors involved in building windowless Kingdom Halls:

  1. To avoid people being distracted by what’s going on outside.
  2. It’s probably cheaper to build withoug windows.



down here where there seems to be a small non-denom or pentecostal church on every corner, most of them, including the KH seem to be built the same way, small boxy or rectangular, flat roof, stucco or painted concrete block, no windows, one door opening at ground level so no handicap ramp is needed. I assume it is cheaper construction, easier to AC, clean and maintain, and less vandalism, since they are empty except for Wed. evening and all day Sunday. the KH is actually brick, which is a rarity.


ok so I guess the votes are in and its seeming construction. Including other churches built similar.

and with some history from Jaypeeto

I find it interesting that no one questions say a Catholic church construction or Baptist, Lutheren, Pentacostal. However something like this applied to JW’s seems odd, (I even wondered)

But perhaps thats the result when things are hidden and in the open it promotes distrust. There must be something said for laying everything out.

Actually thinking about that its something Ive answered to some who complain that christians only want things all happy sappy. I dont see how when God told all the issues good and bad, it was meant for happy happy. If we look for happiness its only because this current situation isnt. :slight_smile:


Friend’s Meeting Houses are quite plain…with a Meeting room and class rooms. No adornment, no crosses, no pictures just benches, charis and a Clerk’s table. I have been to a couple KH’s, to be honest, I don’t find anything “sinister” about the layout…no more than and LDS chapels as all LDS chapels are similar in appearance to one another, as are many Catholic church buildings or Episcopal or nominally Protestant worship spaces…it appears the more modern KH’s are consturcted to save money and architectural fees…and are designed to be simple.


I have a notion that it’s that way because it ain’t Catholic.

Let me explain…

The JW’s come from the Adventist tradition (What?!? Did he say “tradition?”) One thing that they both do is strongly deny the Catholic faith. Because Catholic churches have elaborately decorated stained glass windows they would try to stay away from this as much as possible. Having no windows accomplishes this.

Just a guess, though.


I asked a former JW and he said it was in part because the members usually do a lot of the work themselves and it is easier and cheaper to do without the windows.

We have a lot of the smaller Christian churches around here over the last few decades that are built of that corrugated metal like a warehouse or backyard shed with possibly a facade of brick or some other more traditional material. I don’t know if I have ever noticed whether they have windows in the back or sides or not. I’ll have to look around.

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