JW’s At the Door

Had a nice couple of JW’s at my door this morning. I don’t know about others but I love this sort of thing. I told them I’m a hardcore Catholic and welcomed them to come back. I have a really wonderful library to share with them. I was being genuine but I think they may not come back. It’s unfortunate I love opportunities to talk about our Lord.

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My great grandfather went to Seminary, and was a very intelligent man. He met my great grandmother so was never ordained. But in his older days LOVED to invite in JW’s and Mormon’s to talk about the Bible.


My grandmother used to do the same. Once a week they’d come back and she would preach to them in her living room.

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They are pleasant in my opinion and we never know how much of the truth they have been exposed to.

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Sometimes they visit me too. I have this article ready, about how the JW’s predicted the end of the world 7 times and were wrong:


When they came to my door once I sang for them in Bel Canto technique a very beautiful excerpt of the “old” Mass, the Second Confiteor. They were stunned. I explained the origins of such beauty and that it would not be found in their religion. They quickly headed to their car and curtailed their canvassing of the rest of the neighborhood.


Is there a YouTube video of that? I don’t know what Bel Canto means.

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That is awesome.

None that do it much justice. The priest doesn’t have much of a singing technique but here is one of the few clear ones I could find.

“Bel Canto” is simply Italian for “beautiful singing” but it refers to a technique of singing usually found in Romance era operas. An example of Bel Canto singing is this, while this is not, being more restrained in passion, generally more subtle, and in my opinion somewhat anemic though some would claim it’s more appropriate to the particular piece which is not of the Romance era but rather of the Baroque era; in other words the second example of singing may be more authentic to the type of music though is not of my particular preference in singing styles. As for the type of singing styles used in Mass, if many priests are even trained to really sing (which sadly they aren’t), I think Bel Canto is fine in the Mass. The Jewish cantors of the early to mid 20th century had it right in that the same sort of passion while singing to God should perhaps also be heard in a Romantic love piece; example here in this Jewish cantorial piece.

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I don’t answer the door to strangers or peoole I am not expecting.

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My pastor husband is regularly visited by two JWs. He insists on giving them the parish bulletin and the service schedule in exchange for WatchTower.


That’s awesome :rofl:

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I think our statue of Blessed Mary is like bug repellent to them, I have not seen them since, or the Mormons.

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I wish we would get more JW’s at our door. My dad and I love a good religious debate.

My aunt (Catholic) used to do something like that.

If they asked her to read their literature she’d get Catholic literature and say, “I’ll read that if you read this!”

I love when they come to my door as well. It’s always a blessing and an opportunity to be able to share our faith with others.

I just attended one of their international conventions and I was impressed at their level of generosity and overall friendliness. Nearly every person there thought I was a brother, so it wasn’t merely them being nice because they knew I wasn’t a member yet.

They definitely have a unified view in what they teach and believe. Everything starts from the top down and there doesn’t appear to be any division amongst their leaders or members in terms of what they believe and teach.

I usually just say no I don’t dialogue with heretics and shut the door. Nothing else to say to them.

When I point out that they are mostly Protestant (separated from the Church, Bible alone, 66 book Protestant bible, etc.) they really do not like that. But, the point is to plant seeds which may bear fruit years or decades later.

I don’t see much of them anymore…

Once they see a Catholic knows their Faith then they usually don’t come back. I noticed that with all the other protestants too.

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It seems that they don’t go door-to-door that much anymore.

These days I usually see them standing out in public with a rack of literature.

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