My 23 yr. old son thinks he has suddenly been filled with understanding, and that is that the Catholic faith has led him in the wrong direction. He actually wrote to our priest saying he no longer believes what he at one time did. A lot of family and freinds have had discussions with him but to no avail. I have always given him my support,he at least seemed to be looking for the truth, but I just saw him yesterday, and I must say I am frightened not only for him but all the people he is now out there talking to who don’t know what they are getting into. He has gone so far as to turn down a job so it wouldn’t interfere with going to meetings.

I am so sorry to hear that:nope: Okay,this is what you need to do,have Massses offered or him,pray for him and get others to pray for him(don’t tell him what your up to):wink: Then ask St.Monica and St.Augustine to pray for you and your son as well as those who are deceived and deceiving him.God Bless

PS Go to the link on my sig and learn some spiritual warfare.

If its JW;s then check out catholicxjw.com the guy who made that page is named Jeff Schwem and he is an Ex-JW he is on these forums all the time and would love to talk to you, just email him.

If your son thinks he is really smart you should send him here to talk with some people, trust me there are people on these forums who can smack some sense into him. If that dosent work then you should post his questions/attacks and let the people here help you.

Also look in the catholic.com search toolbar for info on JW’s.

Pray. Pray. Pray.

And learn about JWs.

It won’t be too difficult to show him just how inaccurate their Bible truely is…

Hi Fran:

Check out my website www.catholicxjw.com

If you have specific questions, you can email me at jschwehm@catholicxjw.com

Jeff S.


Hi, my older sister who is 21yrs old is going through the same thing. She is going to meetings constantly and she telling us that she has found the truth in their “religion”. She tells us that they not only go to “church” but they live everyday trying to get closer to Jehovah. They have brainwashed her. They even forced her in their own way to move out of the house. She still lives with us but is hardly home. My dad even told her to go look up the “early church fathers” and she still pospones it. See Fran I’m only 14 years old and i can see that she is so afraid to learn the truth and actually want to know about it because it takes hard work to be a catholic. There is a lot to know and try to understand that it doesn’t come easy to people and they are just trying to find the easy way out. and that is what i think is happening to your son and my sister. They are trying to find something that comes so easy and fast to them.It is very hard to accept it and honestly i haven’t. nobody in my family accepts it but all we can do is pray. and i know you’ve heard that a lot to Pray for him. That 's all anybody tells me whenever i want to discuss what my sister is going through but what i’ve learned out of this lesson that God is trying to teach me is Patience. He is always there listening.

Fran Grant,

I’m so sorry about your son. Having previously been a JW myself, I can tell you that the “truth” he thinks he knows is all a bunch of lies. Would he consider posting here? Tell him that we would really like to know why the Catholic Church is wrong & why the Jehovah’s Witnesses are right. Tell him that he would be doing us a BIG BIG favor if he could help us understand all that he’s learned. See what he says… then leave the rest to us.

In the meantime, it would do you good to learn about the JW’s. There are so many books out there written by former JW’s. If you go to a Chrisitan Bookstore you’ll find an entire section devoted to just that.

I’ll be praying for him.

Pray for him. The JW’s are a clever bunch, very friendly, and know how to get people to convert. They snag many Catholics because they are very well-trained in arguing away Catholic beliefs. Catholics who do not know their faith or the Bible well will crumble in an argument against a JW. Their answers to everything are so quick and their arguments appear to be solid on the surface, which can lure many Catholics into thinking the JW’s are the real deal. Believe me, I speak from experience. Back in the days when I did not know my faith well, I started a new job which had employed many JW’s. I was fascinated with their vast knowledge of the Bible, their friendliness, and their unwavering faith. I thought about joining up with them, but before I did that I wanted to make sure that the JW’s were the true religion. I thought maybe they were because they made it sound as if they were. I started researching religions, and, lo and behold, found that I was already with the true religion!!! That discovery promted me to study my faith further. Now I am a full Catholic, and I will never leave. Try as hard as you can to get him to read apologetics literature. If you can get him to do that, he will soon see that the JW’s have no foundation. He probably will refuse to read Catholic literature, but keep persisting. Whatever you do, don’t ever, ever give up!! And PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!

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