JW SIL butting in my life!


iam sorry, i thought your SIL was contacting you directly.
my apologies. still though, a meeting with the elders and the one who told you about this and the person in question before the elders would be a good idea. get it out in the open.
the sooner it is brought up the better.



Okay, you may not want it, but I’m going to give my opinion. I’m worried for you.

So, your DH and his sister Christie are the only JWs in your family? The rest of you are Catholic?

Even though this information is second hand, I would take it to heart. I’m not saying, don’t trust your DH, however, I do know a few families that have been split up because the other spouse wouldn’t become JW. I’d be worried that Christie and the elders (possibly) are already talking to DH about this. I mean, I do believe a JW can divorce if the spouse doesn’t become JW (aka Christian)…see where I’m going. They (JWs) do not believe that Catholics are Christian and according to the bible, that is grounds for divorce. I’m just telling you what I have heard. And someone can correct me if I’m wrong on this.

I"m sorry you are having to deal with this. I will say a prayer for you.



Okay, I’m sorry, but I’m still worried about you and this stuck out in my mind.

If Christie is a JW, then she shouldn’t believe in divorce as well…yet, she has said that she wants to see you and DH divorced…:eek:

Red flag!



I had no idea I had more answers on this post. Thanks for all your responses. Just an update on this…

My DH has been missing more meetings :smiley: and guess what? We’re moving to a city, 20 miles away from his sister, so she cannot make him go to their meetins because he’ll be in a different town, and their meetings where we live right now are late in the evening, so late, he’d get home around midnight becuase of traffic, so he will be attending another KH.

Another thing going on in our lives is that we have 5 JW families living in our apartment complex, 2 in our building, and the others in 3 other buildings in the complex. One of them doesn’t seem to like me much,a dn yesterday I mentioned to DH she looked at me funny again. She seems to know our every move… so, because he was having active JWs over to watch a soccer game last night, I asked him if she would get him in trouble with the elders. He said he didn’t care what she did or said, and that he was glad we are moving to our new home in 2 weeks so he doesn’t have to deal with these people. :smiley:

He seems to be a bit discouraged with his religion now that I refuse to attend with him. Because he’s been missing me there, and missing meetings or leaving early, he won’t be reinstated any time soon… yay for us!!!

Now when we move, he has to go meetings in English instead of Spanish, so he won’t be hapy with that… so hoping he stops going. Also, we rescued a dog from the animal shelter, and he needs a lot of attention, now that we have him too, Dh has been spending lots of time with him…

I think my life is becoming a bit easier. And now that he has agreed to tell the CC our kids will be raised Catholic, I’m happier than ever, aside form the SIL problem.

Thanks to all!!



Does your new parish have Spanish masses and Spanish outreach? Do you celebrate the Spanish church traditions that were traditional in his family or home town in your home? How does your DH feel about that?



this is great news! glad to hear it! :thumbsup: God must have heard your prayers:)



Here is an interesting website from a former JW/now Catholic convert. He was on the Journey Home Roundtable on EWTN this week.


** Just keep the information he gives in your “back pocket” until the need arises.



Well, then in my opinion you are on the right road and you have a good man. Let’s keep praying that the graces he received at his Baptism will be ignited and fanned into flame. And please pray the same intention for my brother. He thinks he is a Buddist - though he has been a bit upset to find out that even Buddists have rules…:rolleyes:


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