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I had another visit from two JW women. One lady always comes, but the second woman is always different.

They are nice & never really bother me, give me negative vibes, or make me feel the need to defend my faith.
They leave a little pamphlet, discuss one Bible verse…today it was in James, Chapter 1 (I’ve forgotten the exact verse). Just discussing if God is responsible for all the bad in the world or does He do it on purpose to punish. No problems there. We discussed how God is a loving God.

The point of this post is that I’m wondering if there will come a point that this will change? More indepth conversation comes up?
I feel my guard going down since they doing anything to get me upset or make me feel being Catholic is wrong. (even if they believe that)

or will they just use me as a way to make a quota w/o bringing up what JW believe?



I just want to tell you to be careful and don’t let your guard down. They get you when they find your weakess and won’t stop coming back. They will sooner or later tell you that being Catholic is wrong. BELIEVE ME. My husband is a JW and I have these people in my life. They try to get me but I don’t let them. I’ve been to their Kingdom Hall w/my hubby and they teach them tactics on how to get you. First they start w/general topics that might be of interest. If they think they have a possibility to convert you they’ll come back, if you accept their visits they’ll try to give you a weekly Bible study session. They are REALLY nice, no doubt, but they get credit for every time they visit you and you talk to them. They will also give their society your name and address and put you down on their “re-visit” list. They are using you to get their hours credited, also because they think they are doing you a favor.

This all comes from personal experience. They won’t leave you alone until they know for sure you won’t convert to a JW. If they see just the tiniest window of opportunity they wo’t let it go!

Oh, and they will bring up their beliefs if you allow them into your house often… so they’ll use you and try to convert you.


Just another number added to their monthly service time…





I am not going to tell you to let your gaurd down (because you shouldn’t), but I have had a JW come to my familty’s door for ten years now, and it is never anything more than, “how is your dad?”… “Say hi to your mom for me and take a look at this if you get time.”

I then of course go straight to the trash with the Watch Tower. :thumbsup:

Anyways just telling you my experience.

God bless


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am not going to tell you to let your gaurd down (because you shouldn’t), but I have had a JW come to my familty’s door for ten years now, and it is never anything more than, “how is your dad?”… “Say hi to your mom for me and take a look at this if you get time.”

Sounds like a very nice person and one who just needs to add the time to his monthly report.
Not a dedicated jw.
The 18 months I was involved with them (many years ago), I did the same thing because I HATED that door knocking one is required to do!!!


The same person who always comes is the one “reporting” you on her timesheet. The additional person is just someone who’s working with her “in service” since JW’s are never supposed to go door-door alone.

Eventally the conversations will get a bit more in depth. She will bump you up from a magazine or little pamphlet to a Watchtower book which she will offer as a “bible study.”

So long as you are nice to her & she’s allowed to talk, she will keep coming back. If she senses that you are commited to your Catholic faith she will take it VERY slowly. She’s no fool.

The good news is YOU have an opportunity to plant some seeds. Tell her how much Jesus means to you and how wonderful it is to celebrate the birth of your Savior. (JW’s believe that Christmas is all about materialism & paganism) Be enthusiastic about YOUR faith… if she’s standing at your door…you have a captive audience.

God Bless,


They came to my rectory once. Sent in their head guy. I said, “I am delighted to see you. Come in if you like and we’ll talk. But I warn you. By the time you leave you will be praying the rosary.” Strangely he declined my invitation. After all their whole goal is to get inside and here I offered him the chance. He never came back and I bet his cowardice gnaws at him. I do wish he had come in.


Yeah. They run the other way when you smile at 'em and look glad to see them. They must have been taught how to recognize a vulnerable target and how to recognize someone who is likely to be a waste of their time.


First off, I won’t take the Watchtower Magazine at all anymore, even to just throw it in the garbage. Invariably, each issue has a specific attack on the Catholic Church (usually referred to as “Rome”). When I refuse the magazine, I point out that the RCC is the only faith *specifically *targetted. I’m polite, but firm. Their hatred for the Catholic Church is incredible.

I had a JW woman coming regularly to visit me several years back. She probably came by a half dozen times over a period of about a year. She was very nice, and we engaged in soft topics (how much we love Jesus, how messed up the world is, etc, etc.) When our discussions became more specific, she mentioned to me that she had been raised Catholic in Puerto Rico but her family left the faith in disgust when wealthy folks in her parish were “buying” pews up front in the church.

I sympathized with her, apologized for the Church and filed the information in my head.

So . . . after a few more months of visits, she upped the evangelizing, being much more specific in her biblical quotes and beliefs. We debated good-naturedly.

The last time she came to visit, she introduced a new woman who would be “taking over” her visits since she was moving away. I took the oppportunity. I told her that I remembered that she had once been a Catholic and that I would do anything to help her come back to the Church of her baptism.

Boy did her tone change. I talked about the Eucharist and receiving Jesus in Holy Communion and how she could have so much more by returning to the church of her childhood. I didn’t rip her faith as a JW, just really praised the Catholic Church and the faith in its fullness. I knew this would probably be the only opportunity to invite her back.

I never heard from her again, but I hope maybe a seed was planted.


The first question I ask them is "Are you born again? They will say no. I then invite them in and have them read John 3 together with me. Jesus clearly says that no one will enter into the kingdom of heaven unless you are born again. So what Good News are they preaching when they themselves will not see the kingdom of heaven? Sounds like they are doing much damage to the kingdom of heaven.:eek:


I have a few questions. How many hours are JWs expected to put in a month going door to door? What happens if they consistently fail to meet their “quota”? When are new members informed of this obligation? Is there a point at which members can “retire” from going door to door? Thanks in advance.

Pax Tecum,


This article on them is really interesting:


it says:

“Witnesses will typically spend **60-100 hours **each month in their evangelizing work.”

and this:

" If the prospect is willing to speak with them, they arrange what’s known as a “back call”—that is, they return in a week or so for more discussions. This can be kept up indefinitely. "

That’s a real interesting article, talks about their history, I’d be interested in what they think of this article and if they have any answers to their own history.


I’ve had visits from two seperate JWs in my life. One was a friend of my mother. She was very kind and came by for years without any pressure to convert. Anyways, we moved from the city where she used to visit us and settled down further south. A new JW came by one day. Since I had a fairly positive experience with the lady JW, I let this guy JW come by for visits. He was nice…at first. Then I started indicating I wasn’t really interested in converting. He also started showing up unexpectedly. I asked him to call beforehand. He never did, so I finally stopped letting him in. I’d just tell him at the door I was busy (which is always true) and then end it there. Finally, one day, the last day he ever came by, I asked him not to come back because he was very rude in showing up unexpectedly and not respecting my wishes to call beforehand and that he was placing far too much pressure on me to convert. As he left, he gave the angel I keep in my yard a swift kick, breaking off her wing! He was not a nice fellow and I hope to never see him again. I think he had issues. I hope no other JWs get like that. But that was my experience with one of them.


BTW - My point is to be careful with these folks.


Unless it’s changed since I was a witness, we were required to spend at least 1 hour every month to stay “active” as a witness. If you only did 1 hour though, you were sort of at the bottom of the pack as far as “good witnesses” goes. They used to tell us that 9 hours per month was a good goal. No idea where they got that number? But this is the thing… once you got to your goal… say, 9 hours… they would encourage you to raise the bar higher… now shoot for 12 hours… then 15 hours… then 20 hours. Leading 1 bible study? Great… try for 2. etc. etc. We’d have to keep a detailed timesheet & turn it in at the end of the month. They’d always be announcing, “Get your timesheets in!!!” Sounds like a sales organization doesn’t it?

You cannot become a JW member until you have spent several months out in service reporting time. So going door to door comes as no suprise to new members.

No, you never get to “retire.” Ha. That’s funny. People who are homebound (due to age or physical limitations) are told to make phone calls or send letters to people using the phone book for #s and addresses.

Someone posted that the aveage witness spends 60-100 hours in service. Actually those are full time “pioneers” either “auxillary or special”…not the the rank & file JW.

Some JW’s I am certain just go out to “get in their time.” But I would honestly say that the vast majority truly believe that theirs is a message you need to hear. They believe that this “system” is going down and they have the only means by which you will survive.

Of course they are wrong - which is so sad. They spend all that time - many of them their entire lives, deleivering the wrong message. :frowning:


Research the history of the Watchtower, The founder Charles Russell, and focus on that when they come over. Have copies of thier publications handy to show them damaging info.


JW in here target poor people usually…these guys have got money…is it better not to let them in? or to let them in and engage with them if we got the adequate knowlege?

ever heard of a JW who converted because someone “else” influenced him? because these people seem so hard headed that even if shown wrong, they’ll keep believing it’s true ( like all cults). So better debate with them to convert them back to the faith or it’s a waste of time?

i would invite them in if am bored but if this adds points to their cv, i won’t.


PS: many people put a paper outside the front door that says Jw’s are not welcome.

and our priests warn against them on TV.


[quote=Maria3m]I had another visit from two JW women. One lady always comes, but the second woman is always different.

Maria :slight_smile: The next time she comes please ask her:

How many times have you personally reported me as a “Return Visit” to the local congregation who then forwards that information up to the Governing Body in New York?

She should not lie but may try to side step the question. Please be firm until you get a straight forward answer. Maybe follow that up with something like: Why are you reporting your visits to me to anyone? Are personal relationships formed by keeping written records of the events that are shared with others without my consent?


They really have a point system for conversion work?

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