JW's and Blood Transfusion

It is my understanding that if a JW allows to a blood transfusion that person is cut off from their organization and disfellowshipped. In other words excommunicated. However, I heard and read somewhere but can’t remember the source that in Bulgaria, JW are allowed to receive blood transfusions. If so, whats the deal. I thought they had a strict interpretation of Lev. 17. I know they flip-flop more than Kerry in regards to their doctrines; ie. celebrate Christmas. No dont celebrate. Marriage allowed, no marriage allowed. No organ transplants, yes they are OK, etc etc.
Anybody know a reliable source regarding the ruling in Bulgaria?


You might find the following link helpful.



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Jeff Schwehm
The Fellowship of Catholic Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses

I think it is wrong for any church or government body to require people to either donate or recieve blood, tissue or organ material of another person.


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