JWs and the Bible Students


I cannot answer for all Bible Students. Myself, I ask the JW if he/she believes that all mankind will benefit from Jesus’ ransom sacrificel, including Adam? Sometimes I may add “including Baptists, Methodist, Buddhists, Shintoists, Catholics, etc.” (Bible Students believe that all who are dying in Adam will benefit from the ransom sacrifice, including Adam himself.) Their response to this question usually varies, but it is my hope thereby to continue a conversation concerning the ransom sacrifice of Jesus.

Most JWs refuse to discuss the Bible Students views at all. Most will refuse to read any literature written by Bible Students.Their general response seems to be that the Bible Students are living in the past, and they will then start in on the general line concerning “Jehovah’s organization”, remaining faithful to the “faithful and discreet slave”, “the governing body”, etc. Some may say that the Bible Students are the “evil slave” class. It is difficult to continue a conversation with them when they set up this kind of blockade.

Several decades ago, one the JW publications said that the split-off groups (as their leaders refer of the Bible Students), had split up into many sects and died out. Yes, many JWs are surprised to find out the Bible Students movement is still around, but they are presented the history from the perspective that “they” are the “Bible Students”, and the movement now known as the “Bible Students” is a break-away from the JW “organization”.

When I was younger and in better health, I spent many hours in door to door work as a colporteur or sharpshooter, and would often call on some of the JWs. Usually, they would just close the door and refuse to talk. Once in a while, one would have a lot of questions, but were mostly just curious.

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you might find this odd my friend, but i also as a Catholic spend time in public witnessing our faith to the public. :thumbsup: i have witnessed for the Catholic faith door to door, and at supermarkets, hospitals, you name it.


What is a “Bible Student”? You say they are a break away from the JWs…what distinguishes them from JWs. I have never heard of these people.

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