JWs at my door on New Year's Day

Just the thought makes me laugh… yesterday, my DH and I were building our new pool table and listening to some great music (we were in our PJs at 1-2pm or so), when I heard someone knocking on my door.

It was strange to me because my parents and sister went to visit my grandparents to a close by town, and no one else would be expected on my door this day. I mean, no one comes to my house unannounced; I hate it when people just show up, sometimes they can be nice surprises, but I rather have people call me before showing up.

So, I was in my PJs and my robe, and I’ve been a bit sick, so I didn’t want to answer the door. I told my DH to go look who it was, but to my surprise, he didn’t even look through the peep-hole. He just opened the door. He came back pretty quickly and said “Victor and Daisy are here to see you”.

WHAT??? Are you kidding me??? JWs on my door on this day? Usually when they come they tell us they are coming because they know my DH is disfellowshipped. I was mad, and didn’t want to go to the door, especially because I was in my PJs and robe. So, I went to the door, and they were asking me they haven’t seen me for the past month… AHHHH!!! How dare they come to my house unannounced???

So, just because I hadn’t gone to Kingdom Hall w/my DH any more, they went to see why. Wonder why? Because I AM CATHOLIC!!! So, the funniest thing was that they could not keep their eyes off my Christmas tree and decorations. They just stared at them like “Oh, for Jehovah’s sake” Since my DH is a JW they probably think I’m influencing him to get away from them (that’ll be the day ).

So yes, I was angry when they came unannounced, but was SOOOOOO happy when they finally saw my tree… They were saying that they knew I mean good and just because I know some of the Bible (just because of going to KH w/my DH a few times), they read some verse to me and suggested that I watch “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore. Strange thing was that I had rented that movie and had it there by my DVD. So they continued and said, “Watch it and then you’ll see that the JWs are telling the truth”…

Ughhhh… For God’s sake, I know global warming is a huge problem, but it doesn’t mean that the WBTS is telling the truth…

The only thing I got out of this visit was a good laugh, and a reminder that I still had a movie to watch… FYI, that movie is great! But it doesn’t prove the JWs right. It just proves that we as humans need to do something to stop or slow down global warming…

That said, Happy New Year’s to all!!

JWs, Al Gore, and Global Warming. I know there’s got to be a joke in there somewhere, right?

That’s why I find it strange… JWs and politics don’t mix well… :confused:

You should’ve asked them if all their tracts and books are made from recycled paper. Otherwise they themselves could be contributing toward deforestation and hence…global warming (using the Al Gore reasoning method). :smiley:

AL Gore’s book is the first book to be have a “carbon neutral footprint” meaning that the enviornmental cost of producing the book was caluclated and an equal amount clean energy (wind, solar, etc) was purchased to offset the carbon emissions associated with making the book.

Now go buy some flourescents and start thinking of ways to save the world.

This is weird. Believe it or not, back about 10 years ago or so I too had a kindly visit from the JWs around lunchtime on New Years Day.

The funny thing was it was at my parent’s farm - they live about 75km (45 miles) from the nearest town of any size.

Since you are in the “New York area”, you could probably head over to Brooklyn and make that suggestion to them.

You wanna hear something funny, the JW came by my apartment this afternoon and I answered in my bathrobe as well. When they came on Saturday, I answered in my pjs. They always seem to catch me when I’m at my most unimpressive self. :smiley: (I have a question they asked that I will bring up in a separate thread).

just a short 30 minute walk for me

you are kidding, tell me you are kidding, this is absolutely the funniest thing I have ever heard about JW visitors. thanks, you made my day.

Next year you will know to load up the outside of the house with Christmas lights, santa, reindeer, nativity scene, the whole 9 yards, that might work.

I wonder how receptive they would be to have someone show up that is Jewish who was encouraged by a Catholic to preach to JWs about anything. :thumbsup:

Bought the flourescents years ago. As for saving the world, how about no TV set. Think of the electricity saved! I have not had a TV set since 1985. :smiley:

Definitely need a couple of big and obvious statutes of Mary in there to advertise your Catholicness :smiley:

Wow, can you believe they actually cancelled The Dukes of Hazzard?

-sorry couldn’t resist :smiley:

Are JW’s preaching about global warming?


They will take any news item out of current events if they can twist it to their ideology.

Thanks. DIdn’t know that was their thing. Despite being offered copies of the Watchtower on a daily basis, I’ve yet to read one.

yes!!! :thumbsup:

your not missing anything believe me.:rolleyes:

Actually, I still have my Santas, Christmas stockings, nutcrackers, and nativity out, so they must have seen at least the tree and nutcrackers… lol

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