JWs & Blood Transfusions


Hi all,

If there are any Jehovah Witnesses that come here, I would like to discuss your belief about blood transfusions.

I was just reading the website www.watchtower.org as a Witness came to my door over the weekend and handed me a leaflet.

Your religion states the laws in Leviticus as to why humans cannot give blood. As Leviticus says to not eat flesh if it has blood in it, and the blood must be drained etc.

Your religion also says that the Creator made us with blood, and we shouldn’t fiddle with what He made.

My questions are:

a) Isn’t Leviticus only speaking about animals? God was telling His people how to eat animals, to drain the blood, as it is healthier?

b) So we can’t swap body parts as God created us, and what He created is sacred and shouldn’t be played with, but what about something like wigs made of real hair? Are Witnesses allowed to use wigs made of real human hair if for example they have cancer?

c) Do you think that God the All-Knowing would have known we would progress in technology, and know how to cure someone through a blood transfusion? Don’t you think He would be proud we have used the brains He gave us to help prolong life?

Thanks all, I find this a fascinating topic.


They state that taking a blood transfusion would violate the laws of God. Take a look in the Book of Acts. They do not have the real facts. They will come in here and look at this post. What they do not seem to realize is back then there were no blood transfusions.

Also they state that if one were to take blood, not only would they violate the laws of God, but they’d lose their chance for everlasting life. the Watchtower organization usesthis fear of losing everlasting life as a means to control their members.

They are so far fetched on this issue that its sad. Too many thousands upon thousands of people have lost their lives unecessarily because of the falsetowers stance on the blood issue.

You must know that they will come in here and defend it avidly.I myself can’t wait to see what they’ve got to say on it. I know what they’ll say, but it will be nice to see them come in here and state what we know they will state so we can refute it and show them the truith.

Yes my friends, come here and let’s discuss the blood issue. I look forward to a healthy debate. Take a look at this please:

From Jeff Schwehm’s site at : catholicxjw.com/index.html

AP Article on Suing Watchtower Society/Blood Issue
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Associated Press

NEW YORK - Jehovah’s Witnesses are renowned for teaching that Jesus is not God and that the world as we know it will soon end. But another unusual belief causes even more entanglements - namely, that God forbids blood transfusions even when patients’ lives are at stake.



You might also want to look at the website www.ajwrb.org

Jeff S.


The scriptural ban on blood was only a dietary restriction. but sadly, many JWs have died because of the society’s position. I went to a kingdom hall once and heard them speak proudly about how many JW children were willing to die for the Watchtower by refusing blood transfusions. It made me sick! :frowning: :nope:

Like when people sacrificed thier children to Molech in the OT, LWs do so today to the Watchtower Society with this blood issue!:crying:


I doubt that any JWs will come on and answer your question. They are ordered to avoid the internet and non-JW publications. Their purpose is to convert and not take a chance to be converted themselves. Their religion reminds me of old Soviet Russia where all communication with the outside world was forbidden and state run news media reported that the rest of the world was corrupt. That is pretty much the teaching of the JWs, we are all poison and full of untruths.


Oh, I didn’t realise they can’t come here. Drats !:frowning:
I didn’t think I had seen any posting here.
Thanks for that link Jeff :slight_smile:


Oh they can come here alright if they chose to. After all, they don’t mind stopping by one post in here about their tract. If you want them to come in and answer your question, you can pop over to the post " The End of False Religion is Near!" in non Catholic religions here and look for gspollet, john83 something and shushwanna i think her name is, and pm them or post in there and ask them to stop by and see your post. they are googling the tract right now and come to these forums and check out the public response to the tract. so perhaps you can get them to drop by here. i noticed that 2 of them have not been back since we asked them some things, such as gspollet and john83 something. not surprised because when you start asking them tough things they do not answer. they simply thank us for our time and leave.


eating blood goes through the stomach, blood transfusion is not eating blood, two different things completely.


You’re right. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but JWs are the most superstitious people I’ve ever meet. The one I meet with a while ago acted funny whenever touching any publication that wasn’t made by the society. He said something about being contaminated by apostate literature. I pointed out that this was nothing more than a lack of faith on his part, and that his New World bible clearly states that Jehovah will be a shield to those who trust in him.

He had no response to that.:stuck_out_tongue:


Actual JW argument:

“If a doctor told you that you had to stop drinking alcohol, would you inject it into your veins instead?”:smiley:


answer, If the Doctor said you need a blood transfusion, would you go out and drink blood? both are dumb questions that has nothing to do with reality. Reality is blood transfusion is not equal to drinking blood. Only a two year old may not tell the difference.


Sadly, many people have died needlessly as a result of thier misreading of God’s word. This is what makes them dangerous.


lol That is so true!! My husband is a JW and I saw that statement in a book they are reading right now for their “book study”. It’s hard to have a conversation with these people because they are taught not to argue w/u, and if they don’t know the answer they say they’ll come back later with it… they don’t even know why they prohibit things but they obey…

My husband does it all the time w/me when I try to reason w/him.

Get this… aside from their no blood transfusion thing, they think that the UN is the government that will be destroyed in armaggedon because it consists of all governments. They say they try to fake they are looking for peace, but they are only deceiving us to fall for it…

Mmmm… sounds to me like the deceived ones are them by their falsetower brainwashing lies!


Here’s just a short quotation freom that book:

“Does the command to abstain from blood include bllod transfusions? Yes. Ti illustrate: suppose a doctor were to tell you to abstain from alcoholic beverages. Would that simply mean that you should not drink alcohol but that you couldhave it injected into your veins? Of course not! Likewise, abstainingfrom blood means not taking it into our bodies at all. So the command to abstain from blood means that we would not allow anyone to transfuse blood into our veins.”

‘What does the bible REALLY teach?’ page 130, paragraph 13


That’s exactly what I was talking about!!


I know.:thumbsup:

The logic behind that thinking is amazing! They really have the blinders on!:frowning:


You got it right on that one. I feel so sad for these people (my husband included).

If it’s so obvious for me to see the lies behind the falsetower, how can they not see them themselves?? :confused:


Just ask him when the Jehovah’s witnesses were teaching God’s truth. Now, or when pastor Russell was still in charge. Many teachings we recognize as Christian were taught by JWs in the past, but not now. It’s impossible that they could have started off as true and remained the truth when we take into account the major doctrinal changes they have had.


Right now I would inject coffee into my veins :stuck_out_tongue:
I am on a low carb diet and havent had caffeine in 3 days.
Boy oh boy am I addicted to coffee! But I will get through this. God is helping me. And boy is he copping the flack in my prayers for creating the coffee bean :smiley:


Me too! But then again, you wouldn’t be able to taste it.

I saw a cute Christian t-shirt that had a parody of the red cross logo. It said, “a blood donor saved my life”, in reference to Jesus shedding His blood at the cross. I considered getting one and wearing it around JWs. :smiley:

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