JW's have literature that is only for their baptised


There are now 2 sets of watchtowers out there.

One for the baptised, one for the pagan heathens.

Up till recently, the watchtower was the watchtower.

Not anymore.

Why is that?


How did you find this out about the JWs and their (I thought) secretive organization?



Yes, starting in 2008, the Watchtower Magazine will be published in 2 different versions.

One will be the standard version, which will explain very basic Bible truths for non-JW’s. This issue will carefully explain basic Bible terms and understandings not normally understood by many people of non-JW understandings.

The other will include more detailed articles directed towards JW’s who already know much about the Bible and don’t need explanations of basic Bible truths and various terms (like the Faithful and Discrete Slave, New Jerusalem, first fruits, 1st resurrection, etc.)


Brainwashing Techniques for Dummies and Professional Brainwashing?:wink:

from wiki:

Until recent times, each issue has contained two or three study articles based on Scripture. This will continue until January 2008, at which time the first issue of each month will not contain study articles, while the second issue will contain all the study articles (four or five). The second issue will only be stocked at the Kingdom Halls and will not be available to the public.


and, does the average JW get to see the literature for elders? or the literature about child court coustey testimonies?


Ha ha ha ha ha…

Secrecy is the name of the game here.


I have an inside contact who supplies me with some stuff like their Kingdom Ministry mag, and other literary works of art.:frowning:


Why not just call the publication for the already JW initiated something different to avoid confusion? Not that you would have the answer, it just sort of seems logical that if you have 2 different publications for 2 different audiences they would have 2 different names. I mean it could just be somehting like WT2 or whatever, with a different looking logo.


Two versions of the WatchTower…otay!

The other will include more detailed articles directed towards JW’s who already know much about the Bible and don’t need explanations of basic Bible truths and various terms (like the Faithful and Discrete Slave, New Jerusalem, first fruits, 1st resurrection, etc.)

You’re speaking here about those who know the proof texts and have already been brainwashed.

BibleSteve, Have your read the Elder’s Manual…oh, wait, only ELDERS are allowed to read that…why does the Society have secret documents?


I don’t think it’s unreasonable for any organization to produce documents that are intended for the people within that organization.

Like The Secret Vatican Archieves for example.

In the earliest liturgies the un-baptized were excused prior to the Our Father. That prayer was kept as a secret.

Catechumens were excused prior to the consecration. That event was kept secret.

Secrecy is not always evil. One persons secrecies is anothers discretion.


Are you simply looking for something to complain about JW’s?

Many University classes are based on the approach there are books for the students, and a specific manual for the instructor. Are you upset over this?

Most business you work for have documents and manuals that are not intended for general distribution, but are targeted for the needs of management or department heads. Are you upset with this?

The WTS produces plenty of different types of literature to meet the interests and needs of various types of people. There is literature for the general public, other for members, instructional manuals for Pioneers, manuals for those involved in the Regional Building Work, Manuals for Elders, Circuit Overseers, District Overseers, Bethelite Members, etc.

Arguing over the fact the WTS produces manuals for specific roles and doesn’t disperse them to everyone seems like arguing just for arguments sake.

If you really want to read WTS stuff, just go to


There’s plenty of reading material there for you.

Happy Reading!


2 versions… that’s scarier than going to hell! I cannot believe they are doing this. It’s probably to hide their main beliefs so they don’t scare people away, and so they don’t get sued so often. You know, they talk bad about Catholics all the time on those things, maybe their trying a softer tactic to be more deceitful, and to brainwash their members more with the member-only WT.

As for the other books that elders only get to see… they do that to hide things from members. Also, overseers get special books, the governing body get special books, pioneers get special books. Most JWs don’t have a “high rank” on the scale so those don’t get the special books.

Wanna see some of those speacial books??? :smiley: Take a look at this website. watchtower.cc/ if you read thru the books, you’ll see why they are not for the regular JW Joe and Jane. Scroll down to publications on the right side, almost to the end of the page and you’ll find a “secret” book for the elders.


I think it is because, in the past, one could post their erroneous biblical support for their positions in the articles, and now we wont be able to highlight their poor interpretation anymore.
That way, when they come to your door, or here, you dont know their position on a topic and cant research it to show them its wrong.
What exactly is so top secret about their interpretation of bible verses?
If their religion is strictly bible based, then the only things they are hiding from others are bible interpretations. If their lingo is what they are cutting out so as not to confuse, then, how about a glossary of all the basic terms like, New System, Annointed, Slave class, Wicked system of things, with bible back up for the terms. Simple. But, to have one version for those in the know and one for the ones they are trying to evangelize, I just think it stinks.
Its damage control pure and simple. They must be getting fed up with sites like this, that from time to time go over their articles and pick them apart with a fine tooth comb.


I always say, if they have nothing to hide, then why hide it??? The Catholic Church has everything available to all. They have nothing to hide when they publish works. In fact, for not hiding them, we get criticized. What happened when the Pope said the Catholic Church contains the whole Truth? What happened when he said the Tridintine Mass can be used if priests want to w/o special permissions?? He got punished by the rest of the world, even some Catholics criticized him but hey, did they ever read the publications? I guess not, otherwise, they would’ve know what they were about…

Why can’t JW’s do this? Because they have things to hide!!


I never cease to be amazed at how JW critics can find fault in anything and everything related to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

It’s really amusing and faith strengthening to watch the routinue.

P.S. If you’re really so interested in reading the secondary issue of the Watchtower, stop by any Kingdom Hall for the Sunday Watchtower study. I’m sure they’ll be glad to give you a free copy.


Are you simply looking for something to complain about JW’s?

Oh, there’s plenty about the JW’s to complain about…broken families…such as my step son who won’t speak to his mother anymore because she left the JW’s to become Catholic…because the Elders have told him that unless it’s an issue like a family emergency she must be shunned…Pedophiles protected by the organization while disfellowshipping victims that went public…causing the death of youngsters because of misinterpreting the bible…condemening the UN as the beast while at the same time the Organization held NGO membership status in the UN agreeing to support it’s causes…I can go on and on…but back to the Elder’s Manual…the Elder’s manual is used by the Elders to judge JW’s who are called before a Judicial Committee…yet those being judged do not have access to this book…that’s like putting a man on trial and he can’t access the law. As to going to the WTBTS web site, I do so on occasion…but I’m already quite familiar with the man made doctrine of the Society…you can keep it…or, better yet…why don’t you read the bible for two years WITHOUT the Watchtower publications to interpret it for you…wait…Rutherford said not to do that…never mind.


Hellisreal, so I guess we’re called JW critics… I like to think of myself as a Truth revealer… hahaha and a Knight fighting for the Truth… sounds corny, I know. We never call others names or special titles for criticizing Catholicism… the difference is there, Catholics don’t do that.


Steve, Though I don’t think it’s odd that JW’s would have publications for their own adherents only. The points raised by various posters are valid.

Is it possible that to avoid criticism from the general outside population, the JW’s have gone to a two tiered system of the Watchtower magazine?

Does the dual publication point to secrecy and thus embolden critics complaints against TWBTS as being a cult, or cult like?

These are valid questions, imo of course.


broken marriages, misguided people, dead people because of refusal of transfusions and/or transplants… the JWs only know how to hurt their members. They hurt them too much… I’ve seen it in my own family.


You are JW, right? I am Catholic.

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