JWs lose court case freedom of speech, sexual abuse


Jehovah’s Witnesses Lose Court Battle to Suppress Freedom of Speech

In a Denmark court ruling, December 2006, Jehovah’s Witnesses lost a key decision to suppress freedom of the press. They were ordered to pay legal fees of 50,000 kroner to one of the largest newspapers in Denmark, Ekstra Bladet. Ekstra Bladet had published a series of articles on the epidemic of child abuse within the Jehovah’s Witness organization. Since May of 2002, media worldwide have circulated reports of child-abuse problems. Stories include those from The New York Times, Dateline, and eight different countries offering testimony from sexually abused kids within the religion.



Wait…does this really say that a JW prop-film will show on public TV? How come no one else can show a religious propaganda piece on the public air? :eek:




All I’ve got to say is wow :eek: and hope that things like this keep on happening until they JWs find out they are not all that loving after all so that they get encouraged to leave the WT.


Good news indeed. They want freedom to speech to promote their religion, but don’t like it when the press prints anything about them. Double standards.

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