JWs making fun of our praying for the sick


DH (who is a JW) was in the hospital recently and his sister (also a JW) made a comment about how their Catholic mom was to have a rosary prayer group praying for him and just bursted out laughing. I didn’t say anything out of respect (and of course anger), but 2 days later she said her aunt also said she’d pray for DH to get better and started laughing again.

What can I do or say if this should come up again? I’ve asked DH to say something but I feel as if I have to let her know as well.

If I’m respeting their religion, shouldn’t they respect mine? I mean, when DH was in the ER I had to tell the doctors he was a JW and didn’t want to receive blood… that’s because I respect his religion, even SIL was there to witness this, and there she goes on mocking my religion (inlcuding their sister who secretly wants to become Catholic- which is whole different story).



Start sending her Christmas cards… ha!!!


You could start with an Easter Card:D Then tell her you are praying for her:D

Honestly though I would be very angry. Personally I would confront her about this, and not put your DH in the middle right now as he’s not feeling well. Be respectful but firm, state your point and walk away (they do pray for her)


I actually had thought about sending her a Christmas card I made of DH and me with a holiday background but I didn’t just so I wouldn’t make her angry.

I might buy Easter ones and say I’ll pray for her.

DH told me that he had thought of telling his siter to watch what she says in front of me, but hasn’t had the chance. I will say something though but I don’t know how to put it nicely. :rolleyes:


JW’s do not believe in the spiritual gift of healing. They think that healing died out with the apostles. Your best bet is get together some catholics who were healed of various serious alliments and testify to them about such.

James 5:14
Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord.

I once had a JW explain that James 5:14 was talking about the elders giving a sick man a rub down, message. I asked if their elders were men, and the the JW said yes. So, I asked what if the sick person is a good looking woman?



I once saw a Christmas card with Judge Rutherford and the Bethel crew on it. Back in the days when they still celebrated Christmas. Send her a copy of that.


Do they also think Christian Charity died out with the Apostles? They are acting as if they do.


I’d have nipped this the 1st time.
Tell her politely to her face that her behavior is rude and intolorable! :mad: And since you show respect for her beliefs, though you do not adhere to them, she’s darn well better show respect for yours!
She KNOWS what she is doing. Do not allow her to pull this ca-ca with you.


OMG, great idea!! I never thought of that! :thumbsup:


I just spoke to DH on the phone and told him I’d speak to his sister, but said he’d do it because he doesn’t want her getting angry at me (like I care). I said I could be nice telling her but he insisted he’ll talk to her today.

Gosh, I wonder what she’s going to feel on Saturday at my house warming party full of Catholics :confused: :smiley: All his sisters did at my wedding was stay on their own side of the garden, I wonder if they’ll do the same this time.

This is the 2nd time both his family and my family will in the same place… gosh, 3 JWs vs. at least 50 Catholics… :rolleyes:


Are the JWs the ones who re-baptise dead folks into their church? That sounds more than equivalently ridiculous to me.

But do insist that she at least outwardly respect your beliefs, even if she doesn’t agree with them - assuming you’ve never outwardly disrespected hers of course :wink:


originally posted by LilyM
Are the JWs the ones who re-baptise dead folks into their church? That sounds more than equivalently ridiculous to me.

No. That’s the mormons.
They are both totally heretical beliefs though with very strange twisted doctrines.

originally posted by yessarian
This is the 2nd time both his family and my family will in the same place… gosh, 3 JWs vs. at least 50 Catholics… :rolleyes:

Be sure everyone prays and crosses themselves. :slight_smile:


I’ve never disrespected her beliefs, I only speak of them here and with my parents and siblings. I disagree with them, and actually, the only one of his family that knows how I feel about their beliefs is DH. That is why we do not speak of religion at home.

I mean, even when DH was in surgery last Thursdya, I told SIL that the reason why I was a Catholic is because, to me, it seems like the only way to go. She was trying to talk to me onto going with them to KH, but I een said, “I don’t want to offend you, but being Catholic is what I feel is right”. That wouldn’t be offensive, would it?


haha… I’ve mentioned that to DH. I told him once that if our old neighbors came up to me to try to convert me I’d do the sign of the cross on myself in front of them. He just laughed and said to please not do it. :smiley:


And if anyone tells them it’s a “Catholic thing”, tell them even protestants like Lutherans do it. :slight_smile: (atleast our pastor - ELCA - encouraged it)


Sounds like they are trying to have a superiority complex. It’s really just ignorance of mutual respect.

and there she goes on mocking my religion (inlcuding their sister who secretly wants to become Catholic- which is whole different story).

It’s time to have a heart-to-heart with her. If you don’t, she’ll lose even more respect for you.

Best wishes.


Next time there is a death in the family, be sure to get a Mass said and get an elaborate card from one of those missionary organizations where priests offer to say Masses for the dead, look for one that is like a little booklet, with pictures of Jesus the Good Shepherd or similar, and “perpetual enrollement” in the whatever association. You could ask for multiple cards to send everyone a copy. That should perk up your JW relatives.


Better yet, have a Mass said **for your SIL **now! and let her know you have done so.


That’s because the Jehovah’s Witnesses are arrogant. They have an inflated opinion of themselves and think of everyone else as being inferior to them.


Many people who become JWs are hurting. Some are former Catholics who were not taught the faith very well. For example, my wife was raised Catholic but never really learned the faith while growing up. Her CCD experience was horrific to say the least. To this day she wonders why her CCD teacher allowed her to teach the class JW doctrine and even said to her that much of it “made sense”. Eventually, my wife and her mother, both cradle Catholics became JWs. I attribute much of this to very poor catechesis.

In addition, once these people become JWs they are taught that only the JWs teach “the truth” and that only JWs are doing the will of almighty God by going from door to door and passing out Watchtowers and other literature. This does lead to a superiority complex. The JWs also buy into many Protestant criticisms of Catholicism and view many of the devotions that Catholics engage in as goofy superstitions.

Realize, that their reaction to your prayers and practices is mostly due to ignorance. I know because I have been their and done that. I said awful things about the Catholic Church, her priests, her religious, and her laity when I was a JW. In fact, I helped people leave the Catholic Church and become JWs. I might add that in my 20 plus years of going from door to door as a JW, I was never stumped by a Catholic (Protestants who knew their faith well did stump me and make me think on occasion when I was a JW going from door to door). This is all the more ironic and sad given what I know today about the Church and what she teaches .

Realize also, that by the grace of God and through the prayers of the Catholic faithful throughout the world and the infinite value of the Masses said for the conversion of the world, I am here today a fellow Catholic and former JW. So, these JWs that are being disrespectful to Catholics today may be your loving and faithful Catholic brothers and sisters of tomorrow.

If you would like to help their conversion along, forgive them for their ignorance and their obnoxious behavior. Or, charitably tell them how they have hurt you if you believe it will assist them on their journey home to the Catholic Church. If not, then offer the hurt up to Jesus and attach it to His cross for their conversion and have Masses said for their conversion on a regular basis (but do not tell them about this because we do not want to put them in a position where they offend God or you.)

I often ask my priest to say a Mass for the conversion of my mom and dad, both JWs, on my their respective birthdays. I figure it is the best birthday present I can get for them. Remember also what Jesus said from the cross, “Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do.” I can honestly say that when I was a JW, I did not realize what a jerk I was and how bad, disrespectful, and offensive my actions and comments were to my Catholic friends and relatives. But, along the way some of those Catholic people prayed for my conversion and they must have prayed hard and long because I needed all of the grace I could get to lead me home to the Church.

View this, not as an offense per se, but as an opportunity to grow in holiness to learn how to forgive even when those being forgiven do not realize they need forgiveness. View it as a way to be Jesus to them on a small scale and realize that you might be the only Jesus they see at this time.

God’s blessings to you all,

Jeff S.

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