JW's Proselytizing via Mail

I received a letter from a Jehovah Witness in the mail inviting me to “an important annual event” which is “the anniversary of Jesus’ death”. The letter referenced my private property sign (which I do not have) as the reason they did not come to my house (which JW’s have done in the past a few times) so I am assuming this was a form letter of some sort. Has anyone else received something similar in the mail or am I the start of a Jehovah Witness Spamming campaign?

I get similar letters about once a year. But the letters I get ask me if they can come to my home to share some information. :shrug:

As I understand it, this is the one and only holiday that Jehovah’s Witnesses are allowed to celebrate (The Lord’s Evening Meal). It’s a commemoration of the Last Supper. They celebrate it according to the Jewish calendar on Nisan 14 in accordance with the Passover celebration. It’s the one time of the year that they actually have a “communion service”. The only Jehovah’s Witnesses that are supposed to receive communion are those who are utterly certain that they are among the 144,000 elect who will go to Heaven. I imagine that as the religion ages fewer and fewer people receive communion as those 144,000 slots fill up.

it’s quite a bizarre ritual, they just pass the bread and wine along each row as quick as you like and no one even stops to hold it for a seconds worth of silent prayer. It’s like a production line, so cold and empty.

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