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Any takes on the JW view on demons and all that supernatural stuff?

I personally don’t believe that demons can pull your feet at night, nor do I believe in sorcery or witchcraft.

The JWs believe that miracles, as we Catholics call them, are actually some Satanic act to mislead people onto believing that they are actually acts of God. For example, today is the day we celebrate our Lady of Guadalupe. The JWs think that the devil actually posed himself (or one of his demons posed himself) as the Virgin to fool St. Juan Diego.

So, any thoughts? I always think it’s funny how my DH and sisters-in-law believe that voodoo dolls can do harm, and how your feet will be pulled by the devil at night, and so on.

Personally, I don’t think of this as true.


I don’t recall reading anything or hearing anything specific about OLOG. If they said, then that is probably that JWs personal belief about that.

However, I have had conversations about voodoo with JWs. I won’t go into the story. Too ridiculous to recall and repeat.

The skeptic in me views both some miracles and demonic activity as things that happen in a personal nature. However I believe in the possibility of both. I even believe in a Virgin that gave birth and that God came in the form of a man.

Too bad jwtruth’s not here to give us an insider’s view.

In his place there is an article on the watchtower’s site about witchcraft


And another one about Santeria

—just don’t click the link about on the left about “Should Icons be used in worship” – you might just ruin your dinner tonight.


Hey, me too! Could it be that we’re possesed because we both believe it? :smiley:

Well, the JWs believe this to be true as well, but they don’t believe Jesus was begotten, they believe he was made. I find this hard to understand. How could he be made if Mary already existed? :confused:

BTW, I fell for it, it was too tempting, I just had to peek… and my stomach felt queasy… grrrr… How dare they???


The JWs are quite paranoid about demonic activity. Some JWs (though not all) will not even buy used items at garage sales because they are afraid that demons attached to such items will haunt them and their homes.

When I was a JW years ago, the Smurfs were the latest demonic thing that a good JW would not have in his or her home. There was even a story of sorts that went around the JW gossip mill that someone brought a stuffed Smurf doll to a Kingdom Hall meeting and the Smurf doll screamed and floated out of the building. This story and others like them confirmed for the JWs that the Smurfs were of demonic origin.

Former JWs like myself who leave the JWs and then assist others in leaving the JWs (they call us apostates) are considered to be under the influence of demons. This is why many JWs will refuse to speak with us or hear anything we have to say. If you want to see what JWTruth thinks of people like me, check out his video on Disfellowshipping.

And, yes the apparitions of Mary that are approved by the Church are considered to be of demonic origin by the JWs. So the pictures I have of Our Lady of Guadalupe in my home would be viewed as demonic by JWs as are most Church buildings and the images in them.

For example, my grandmother who was Catholic and became a JW destroyed her images of Jesus and the Saints when she became a JW. My mother-in-law did likewise. This, of course, was encouraged by her JW teachers. Rosaries would also be considered of demonic origin by the JWs as well as the crucifix and most other Christian images.

The great irony in all this is that the leaders of the Watchtower Society particularly Charles T. Russell and J. F. Rutherford have dabbled in the occult. Most JWs have no idea about this but Russell actually helped to get a book published that was written by a spirit medium who channeled a demon that supposedly wanted to repent and return to heaven. The title of this book is “Of Angels and Women”. Rutherford and his crew actually published information on this book in The Golden Age Magazine (a forerunner of the Awake! magazine) encouraging Bible Students (as the JWs were known back then) to buy these books and give them away as Christmas gifts.

In addition, the Watchtower Society leaders taught (until the 1930’s I believe) that Jehovah lived on a star in the Pleaides constellation. The Pleaides is important in astrology and of course astrology is tied to the occult.

And, Russell was involved in pyramidology and used the measurements of the Great Pyramid in Egypt to support his belief that Armageddon would come in the year 1914 A.D. He believed that the Great Pyramid held the key to unlocking the secrets of God. The Bible Students promoted these things up until the 1930’s I believe and some New Age pyramidology groups of today can trace their beginnings back to Russell if I am not mistaken. Eventually the Watchtower rejected pyramidology.

I thought you guys might find this interesting.

Jeff S.



What would they say about me since I have a Rosary ring I wear on my finger???

Wow, I didn’t know this, and I have researched the JWs for over a year… Thanks for the info Jeff!


Check out the pics of where Russell is buried


I’ve often wondered if some people trying to get their loved ones out had taken a detour on their family vacation to that cemetary.


I knew about the grave but I didn’t know about the stroy behind it, thanks dawgfan


TAN Books and Publishers publishes a pamphlet by Fathers Rumble and Carty called THE INCREDIBLE CREED OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. It only costs about a buck or two.
In it, they discuss the fact that the Witnesses (at the time the pamphlet was written) believed that God dwells on a star in the Pleiades. The authors ask, “What kind of God does Rutherford have, who dwells on a star?”

Jaypeeto3 (aka Jaypeeto4)


I’ve always wanted to ask “why do you have an aka”? Is there a difference in your posting between usernames?


All I know for sure is that when my daughter drew a star-in-circle symbol on the front porch with chalk, and the cat dropped a half-eaten dead rat in the middle of it, the JW’s stayed away from my door for QUITE a while. :bigyikes: :rotfl:

(I usually go in and out through the garage, and didn’t find out about the drawing or the rat for several days.)

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. Good kitty.


hi yessisan,

i’ll tell you about a time when i was studying with the witnesses off an on around 1992. i was not fully commited at that time to being a witness. i went to the Catholic church there in the town i used to live in, and asked the priest for a rosary for my mom for her birthday.

i had the rosary at home for no more than a day when my ex mother in law came over ( she is a witness ) and she knocked on my door, and came in, and she saw the rosary on my counter top. as soon as she saw it, she freaked on me and said to me, “what is THAT doing in here?!?” i said it was a gift for my mother, and she left and slammed my door shut.

her reaction stunned me to say the least. i had not expected her to react badly to it. but she did. did that stop her from coming over to our house? for awhile. because she was so controlling over her son that i was married to, she couldn’t stop herself from coming over during the time we were married and barking things off at me.

funny thing, she knew my ex husband had heavy metal albums in the house, black sabbath, ozzy, judas priest, and so on, and she never ragged on him for his actions, only me.
( and he was raised in the belief, and i was not, even though he never became a witness at all )


I’ve always wanted to ask “why do you have an aka”? Is there a difference in your posting between usernames?

Hi dawgfan,
actually its kind of silly.
I registered on the forums as Jaypeeto3 on my computer at work, with a password and everything.

Then one night, on my home computer I wanted to come onto the forums as Jaypeeto3, but couldn’t remember my password, and didn’t want to wait until the next day to be able to get it sent to my work email, so I just created the screenname Jaypeeto4. I use that screenname at home.

Jaypeeto3 (aka Jaypeeto4)


Thanks :slight_smile:


quick story:

Lady came to our house once to sell girl scout cookies with her daughter, I’ll never forget this and I was only 4. I really wanted those cookies:D and I was intruiged by her since she looked so happy to tell us about all the things they were doing with the money they would raise.

Mom said no and please dont come back!

I asked her why we could not buy the cookies and she said that if I even ate so much as one little bite I could have Satan in my body!:eek:

I was horrifyed everytime I saw those cookies and girl scouts after that! :eek:


It isn’t just the JWs. Back when I was a fundamentalist, I traveled frequently with a band. My roommate was a very close friend who’d discipled me extensively into fundamentalism. He was obsessed with demons. Before we’d go into a hotel room, he’d stand in the doorway and pray aloud a prayer of exorcism. The first time I saw him do this I asked about it, and he said you never know what sort of demons may be lurking in a hotel room having been left there by sinful behaviors of previous occupants. He gave me a couple of books by noted fundamentalist teachers on the subject of demons and possession, and had me frightened out of my wits at one point, thinking that demons were lurking all around me. It has seemed to me that the enemies of the Catholic Church share a lot of traits, whether these be orthodox Protestants, or extreme cults like Mormons and JWs. They all attack Mary, the Pope, the Eucharist, etc. They also apparently share some beliefs in the occult.


But your mom was only looking out for your welfare !!
There might have been DEMONS in the cookie-dough !!


Jaypeeto3 (aka Jaypeeto4)


When you sit down with a box of samoas and then realize you ate the entire box at one time and see how much calories you just consumed, you have to question yourself whether or not that might just be true. :slight_smile:


You should have heard her reaction years ago when she found out I allowed a lady to use my house to store the cookie orders one year since she had no room to do it in her house.

She did not speak to me for months after that one. In fact, she never came to visit me at that house,after that, upon further thought…

I have since moved. Maybe she was afraid the demons were in my house from the cookies? I dont know and dont ask.

She has visited my current house, and she HATES my icons and stuff.
Yet, that seems less bothersome than the cookies to her for some reason.

I dont get it.:confused:


I once had to sit through a Wednesday night study done by the preacher’s wife on the occult. She was showing us example of satanic stuff and then made the sign for “I Love You” and she said that was the sign of the devil. (obviously she meant to make the horns sign). Since I have a deaf cousin I had to correct her but she insisted I was mistaken. This went on for 10 minutes. I got soooooooo mad. I said in front of everyone "are you going to trust the guy who knows sign language and has a deaf cousin or the lady playing a recording of “another one bites the dust” backwards :mad:


And I LOVE the Samoas cookies !!!
And I have the tummy to show for it.
God forgive me…


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