JWs & the Pope

Yesterday, these two JW ladies came to my home, and started talking to me about God’s future goverment. They said that what better King than Jesus because he has God’s qualities… yeah we all know that. Then they brought up how Jesus will be more powerful than any other leader in the world, and brought up the Pope.

“Who do you think gets to see the Pope”… I said “everyone”. They said I was mistaken, only the rich could, they were the only ones who can get near him. That he is always in a secure car, no one can get near him, that you have to pay to go see the Pope blah blah blah… But then, I have no idea why, they came at me telling me that the Pope lives in a HUGE palace w/lots of security. I said, “really, I thought he lived in very simple quaters”. Then they argued that he had the most power in the world and he was basially the richest, wealthiest and most protected person in this world.

Gosh!!! Doesn’t it occur to them to think back a few years? Pope JPII was shot and then the Pope mobile came… ugh!!

I don’t get why these people have this constant need of bashing the Catholics! It angries me so much that they come uninvited to a home and then they talk smack about your religion!! :mad:
I’ve had it w/these people!!!

Can’t they get the facts straight either?? :confused: :mad:

No place like home: Papal apartment gets extreme makeover.

By John Thavis
Jan. 6, 2006

The renovation, the workman related, was long overdue. The architects said they were surprised at the poor state of the apartment.

For one thing, the electrical system was not up to code. Some rooms still used old 125-volt electrical outlets, which were phased out years ago in Italy in favor of 220 volts. The water pipes were encrusted with rust and lime, and the heating system was approximate at best.

Above the false ceiling, workers discovered big drums placed strategically to catch the leaks from the roof; some were nearly full of water.

The best way to combat this type of bigotry is to ask them to give you specific documents and/or verifiable references to back up their statements.

They won’t. They cannot.

I ended just such a conversation with a JW with this specific request. I told them that unless they could hand me absolute proof that the Pope lived in the manner in which they claimed then they were breaking the 8th Commandment and I would be forced to shake their dust from my feet…but that I would pray for their conversion to Christianity.

Oddly enough, JW(s) stopped coming to my door.

Do you think it was something I said???

Ask them if its against their religion to lie to a non-witness.
Ask them who is giving open air addresses at St. Peter’s if its not the Pope.
Ask them if they think that anyone is going to believe anything they say if they make up lies that are so easy to refute?

It angries me so much that they have the nerves to lie, specailly when they know it’s not true. Or maybe they don’t know and they were lied to and believed it. Still, no one has the right to bash your religion at your own home! How dare they?

Of course they dont know, they are not allowed to have idependent thought.

They do get this from their only source of info. And we know its called WBTS.

They believe what they are saying is true. They have been lied to by the Watchtower Society which is run by people who have been lied to by the people before them. It goes all he way back to Russell - the founder of the organization who convinced a group of people that he was (Jehovah) God’s spokesman. Since Satan is the father of all lies, I honestly believe this organization is run by Satan so of course he is going to pick on the Catholic Church & the Pope most often.

I pity the JW’s - despite all of their efforts & dedication - they are WRONG. If you do not want to hear them bash your faith, do not let them into your home. Instead, pray that their eyes may be opened to the truth. They are sincere, good people who’s religion has taught them crazy things. How sad is that? :frowning:

That’s quote is interesting considering their history of the Beth Sarim mansion.


Also, I would think that their building in Brooklyn is a pretty pricy bit of real estate.

The thing is that I am married to one :frowning: so these people will be in and out of my life as long as I am married to my DH, and I’m planning to stay with him always with the hope that he’ll convert back to Catholicism.

I hope so also. Has he been a JW for a long time? It is my
experience that JW’s become very discouraged as time passes and they realize that the URGENT warnings & threats of constant doom & gloom never materialize. Unfortunatly, by that time, usually their entire lives revolve around the society & all of their close friends etc. are witnesses so the thought of leaving or even questioning the WT is difficult. Thankfully, if your husband gets to that point, he will have YOU to fall back on. That would make leaving the JW’s much easier for him.

This is why I caution you in getting angry about all this. You cant. If you do, you will slow down any chance of his conversion. Be like they are and act persecuted all the time! If you do, he will see the light! They hang their hats on “being persecuted” so join in! They give you enough ammo to shoot them with it! (metaphorically speaking of course!)

Start a scrapbook with all their literature that slams our beliefs, use the beautiful illustrations and tape them in too. Then document and repeat to your spouse all the conversations you have with them. Try to have him home when this is going on so he sees it. Smile and take it while they verbally assualt us. Wish them well. The minute they walk out the door break into tears sobbing and asking him why they have to lie to you. Why they get such bad information. Why they have to knock your faith to prove theirs?

Plant the seeds. He wont like the fact that the woman he loves is being persecuted by the ones he thinks are giving him the truth.

Just a thought.

Guilt like that could work, as long as he doesn’t put his religion above his wife. Hopefully he doesn’t.

His mother converted to JW when my husband was 10 yrs old. He’s 23 now. He left the JWs for a few years when he was a teen (15-19), then he went back to them and baptized as a JW when he was 19. He’s been disfellowshiped for almost 1 year (a little bit longer than our marriage). My whole family is Catholic, so that might help because he is always at birthday parties :eek: they’re not supposed to do that but he does. :smiley: I hope the influence of my family brings him back. Now he only has 2 sisters in the religion. His mother and one sister are also disfellowshiped, his dad and older sister are Catholics, so more pressure there… I don’t know why but my hopes are high… maybe this will help him leave if he decides to.


I think he will… we already had an argument about the blodd issue and him choosing to do it instead of staying alive for his family…

But then again, I never know. He does seem pretty in love w/me. He did get disfellowshiped because of being w/me…

:rotfl:Hey, it could work!! He hates seeing me cry. That’s how I got him to agree to decorating the house for Christmas and for doing a radical sanation for our marriage :smiley:

I will always thank you for telling me that radical sanation is not painful.

You had me really nervous that time I read about it… Everyone got a good laugh though!!!:smiley:

It sounds like the wheels are in motion. :slight_smile:
Good luck and pull the “crying” card whenever necessary! :smiley:


But in the mean time I have to find better tactics to defend our faith. He has pulled the worshipping of statues and praying to a cross instead of to God :mad: when we argue. That’s why I’m glad I have the members of CAF to guide me when I can’t do it alone (also, thanks to God because if it weren’t for Him, I would have lost it already).

Maybe I should thank my husband too because when I met him I decided to continue learning about my faith and I got confirmed. I also joined a Catechetical institute and this Sunday I start as a Catechist for Spanish speaking 1st graders!! :smiley:

FWIW- the “best” tactic you have is the witness you present in your vocation as a mother and wife, and what you are doing in your faith.
Your “tactics” and best ammo here is Your Love. This will always win.

Trust me. Jesus told us this and he never lied.

Pour hot coals of kindness on their heads (the meanies) and you will win.:wink:

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