Jw's, why are you here?

are you here to learn about what catholics believe, or are you only here to tell us about what you believe? iam only curious as to why your here? do you want to learn about what catholics believe, or meet others here from different faiths? or are you here to preach?

iam not going to go into the society this and the society that. i only want to know what drew you to come to CAF? is it open discussion? making new friends? or is it to help us understand where you come from from a biblical standpoint? what would you like to get out of these forums? what do you hope to achieve here?

i think if we knew the answer, and knew for a fact that you weren’t here to try to convert us, and we knew you weren’t keeping time that you spend here and writing it down, and handing it in to the hall as time spent in preaching work, and so on, we might be a bit more open to you. so this post is to welcome you to CAF, and hope that you enjoy your stay and let us discuss amicably wiith you what it is that you would like to talk about.

I haven’t noticed any JW’s here lately.

I don’t recall noticing any being able to “hold their own” here the way so many Protestants and Orthodox do.

Personally, I am always looking for intelligent conversation with others about their well-informed conclusions about their Bible studies.

I get plenty of time talking with other studious JW’s. I rarely have the opportunity in the “real” world to talk with people of other religions who really know their Bible. As mentioned in another thread, I have found that 95% of people haven’t even read the Bible once. It’s easier and more productive to find studious people in the “virtual world” of the Internet.

Thus, I’m always on the look-out for others I can talk with to have an intelligent, and polite discussion about different understandings.

I carefully read the reasonings of others when they are polite.

I am interested about Catholic beliefs and why they believe as they do. I’m disappointed that so many people of different religious understandings form their beliefs based on what they are told by their own religious leaders.

I admire those who study for themselves and make their own decisions.

I feel sorry for those who haven’t spent time studying the Bible for themselves but feel justified to insult others with derogatory names like “cult”, “brain-washed”, “stooges”, etc.


Intelligent conversation with others in polite manner is very good.


that is how i want this post, polite and intelligent. steve , i too like to discuss with others what they believe and why.i can tell you this honestly, when i came back to the Catholic Church, i researched the beliefs on my own, as i did not know even half of what we Catholics believe. now, after 3 years of being home, i do know way more than i ever did when i was growing up in the faith. for me, it is the Truth. no one ever forced me back or told me not to research it. i did it on my own. and iam glad that i did.

[quote=BibleSteve]I’m disappointed that so many people of different religious understandings form their beliefs based on what they are told by their own religious leaders.

When you hear your fellow JW’s taking up the JW talking points against The Catholic Church do you correct their misunderstandings and admonish them to hold their tongue until they have studied out the issues and have made an informed and studious conclusion for themselves apart from The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society’s information?

If not - :confused:

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