Two very nice JW women came to my door and started their spiel…
I am always nice but when they started I said are you JW and they said yes…well, I said I am sorry but I don’t believe in what you say …and she says what part and I said all of it and thanked her for stopping by. :eek: …yes I know I handled it wrong…

What would you have done?

Personally, if I had the time, I would have invited them in to discuss Christ and the Bible. I would have made clear to them that I am a devout Catholic, and am happy to speak to them about Christ because of my great love for him and all I have learned about his Church on Earth.

Then listen and speak as the Holy Spirit moves.

But don’t worry, that’s just what I would have done. I’ve found that I enjoy these conversations, most people don’t.

What you should have done is specific to what you are called to do at a particular moment. If you see them again, remember to be cordial to them and pray for them. Perhaps they will see the light and convert to Catholicism.

God Bless,


Aimee, there are four (I think) printable tracts about JW’s which you can access from the CA home page. I have been inviting them in and, depending on how curmudgeonly I feel, go in one of several directions.

One way is to suffer through their chit chat until they mention the Bible, then unload on them about their bible. All the ammo is in the above mentioned tracts although not all in one place. Seems they rewrote it (they claim “translate” although the five committee members who did this had no training in any ancient languages) to make it fit their theology.

Another is to go through the first meeting to the end. The first one or two calls will probably be pretty harmless and non-controversial, so you’ll be fairly safe. Before they leave, they will always try to leave you a copy of one of their magazines. Be ready for this and offer them a Catholic tract in return. They won’t take it, of course, and that gives you the opportunity to politely reject theirs. When they see that you are going to try to evangelize them, they won’t come back.

Sometimes if I’m feeling really feisty, I’ll let them lead the conversation but refuse to answer any questions at that time. I’ll take notes and invite them back. On the second trip, they start out on something new, so you’ll have to force the issue back to the original meeting in order to give them a Catholic answer to their questions and/or a Catholic interpretation of whatever verse of scripture they asked you to read.

I’ve been hit on eight times in the last six months and, as you can probably tell, I’m really starting to get into their game. I love to hear them stutter and stammer when I ask THEM a question and like it even more when they bring one of their elders back with them when they determine they need reinforcements.

I don’t think I’ll ever win any converts - they all appear to be too brainwashed. I do get some enjoyable Saturday afternoon conversations with them, though.

I live in an apartment with a security door, and signs posted by the management about no loitering or solicitation on the property. However, I am waiting for the day that someone letting them in without knowing who they are.

I felt bad 2 years ago when a older Baptist man came in knocking on doors. I turned him away, but then I felt quilty because maybe I should have heard what he had to say. (I shuold have been at least charitable).

If I see anyone walking in pairs, it will usually be JW or Mormons. Maybe they would feel ‘uncomfortable’ if somone approached them instead.

Of course for info, find Jeffrey Schwem (sp)
here on the Forums and he has an interesting web page about JW’s AND Jason Evert was once a JW.

Thank you for all your posts…I did feel a bit uncharitable…I’m at least usually pleasant …but I guess I wasn’t so nice today :o

I’ve actually seen some of the CA tracts so I’ll check them out again.

Having a copy of the catechism helps.

They found out I have one and I fully believe in it, they have never returned.

Try this website…


This is a website that has information about how to handle JW’s. It is run by Dr. Schwem, it has a lot of interesting information.

JW’s are always a hard case. Our rejection of them is expected, and actually reinforces their convictions if they have been properly prepared.

They can develop a martyr complex that is very useful to the organization. I suppose in a way we Catholics can have a similar attitude when we “offer it up”, the suffering has redeeming qualities and we bear it for the good cause.

Ideally I think that we need to be as polite as possible to these people, tell them that we will pray for them and send them on their way.

Just imagine the impact that it would have if every Catholic told them that they would pray on their behalf ( a concept that they would reject as meaningless at first) instead of slamming the door on them. It would be like heaping hot coals on their heads.

Two things help with JWs (also Mormons):
Every time they quote a Bible verse, make them stop. Look it up (not in their Bibles, they are rewritten to fit their ideas), & read it again–in context! JWs take everything out of context; this throws them off their stride.

Second, ask them “What do you do about sin?” They have no answer! They lose track of their canned speech, & don’t know what to do next. (OK, once this did not work; a friend asked, & the JW lady said, “I have no idea, I’ve never sinned”. No,I am* not kidding*!!)

I absolutely agree with having some good lit on hand to give them.(Of course, mine is Methodist, but it’s the same idea). They may or may not take it…but I figure that if I* try,* if they toss it, it is not on my conscience that I didn’t try to do anything at all for them.

Oh, I left something out: If you talk with them, they often want to pray with you. Don’t let them. It only encourages them. Either refuse, or be ready with a prayer for you to pray for them, I prayed for a pair of exceptionally stubborn Mormons…They never came back. Works for the really hard cases who just know they can put one over…

The LDS usually come to my door now…
In the past I have encountered JW’s and even invited them in to discuss things…:o Very humbling experience for me…
don’t ever sit down w/ them unless you really know your Scriptures. Even then, they haave some tricks…:rolleyes:
I remember one time my elest son (9 yrs, I thnk) was home sick w/ the flu and so was I…they wouldn’t leave the door…He took a Crucifix off the wall , stuck it in their faces and politely asked them to leave because this is what we believe in…not what they are trying to tell us too… He such a beautiful Catholic man to this very day…truly orthodox in his beliefs.:love:

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