JWTruth Not Interested in Dialog--Needs Prayers


Hi Guys:

JWTruth, unfortunately, is not interested in dialog. He wants to do all of the talking and no listening. He does not want to consider the viewpoints of others that he disagrees with.

I say this because he comes here and posts links to his videos and invites us to look at them which I and many others have done.

But when people post comments at his You Tube site in response to his videos that propose a different way of looking at things, he blocks the comments, sends emails to the people who send the comments demanding that they not post their comments anymore, and then blocks emails from those who post their comments so as to cutoff dialog. (In other words, I cannot discuss things with him directly anymore as he has blocked me from contacting him via email.)

I know this from experience with him and I just thought that you guys should know this. Unfortunately, it appears that at this time JWTruth does not respect our views at all and just wants to preach his views at us.

Let’s pray that someday JWTruth, who is a fallen away Catholic and still our spiritual brother, will be open to having a respectful dialog with us and that this dialog will lead all of us to a greater appreciation and love for The Truth—Jesus Christ.

Jeff S.



I don’t get why these people bother to leave their info and comments here and then don’t want our input… :rolleyes:


I’m not going to run off on a hunt to chase down jwtruth. I did want to view all his videos to see his reasoning (as much as I disagree with) but found it very tiresome and long. If he’s got a transcript, he could PM me. I wish he would have stuck around.

I do pray for all our brothers and sisters (of all religions) that have fallen away.

In another post I wrote:

“If jwtruth had first sought out the correct biblical teachings of the Catholic church and not fell victim to what the Watchtower says about us, just maybe…we could have saved him. The least we could do is understand where we have all failed jwtruth as a community of believers and prevent the indoctrination of the next jwtruth and shower them with truth and love. Our pride and idleness may have created jwtruth just as much as the Watchtower did.”


Could someone go to his site and ask him for a transcript of his videos (and permission to post)? I’m blocked at work from youtube. Be nice.


I posted something, it’s just that I cancelled the account so my name wouldn’t be put out there.


Ha, he deleted it already! I opened another account… dawgfan, anything you want me to say?


I suppose he’s already getting paranoid with us and probably had enough. If he comes back he can read the threads. Let’s just leave the man alone and pray for his soul.


I repeat he should be banned from this board. If he doesn’t want to talk then he shouldn’t have the right to post. This is typical cowardly JW behavior. They know in any discussion with knowledgable people they will lose. It is a tacit admission that they know their religion is false.


Why should we give them the pleasure of that? That would just make him think we’re like he is. He has to understand that we are all here to help and listen.


I posted on his site. It was fun. I encourage everyone to post on his youtube site. It will drive him nuts.


I did, and I actually got many answers from him.

I lied a bit to get him to talk tome, but he tells me he feels attacked by people, and it’s understandable. I will be posting what he told me and what I told him tomorrow… now, off to Church I am to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe!! :smiley:


Attacked? JW’s attack us all the time. What does he think is going to happen? He invites such responses. Oh the poor little lamb. I bet he blocks me now lol.


Fill me in! I have been so busy I havnt had time to post around here and missed out on this JWTruth guy, hopefully I have time now to get up to speed.
Where do I see these movies and comment?


Well I found those tapes and its no different than what was being talked about a few weeks ago, this stuff appears to be an extention of the recent “End of False Religion” campaign, same old quotes.

Anyway on one of the movies they quote Matt 11:11 and say “John the Baptist never went to Heaven”? While it is clearly a misunderstanding of the passage I didnt know they believed that!

AND WHATS MORE…it follows

“It doesnt make sense for all the people on earth to go to Heaven”…

"Why was the earth created in the first place"
Further on it says:
“Does your Church pass collection plates”

"True religion does not solicit for money"
What! I cant believe Im reading this. All over the NT there are money collections.
1Now about the collection for God’s people: Do what I told the Galatian churches to do. 2On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income, saving it up, so that when I come no collections will have to be made. 3Then, when I arrive, I will give letters of introduction to the men you approve and send them with your gift to Jerusalem.
1 Cor 16
The funny thing about “How to Identify the True Religion” is that any group can make up a new church and claim they teach what this JWTruth guy says to look for (eg “true religion” stays out of politics)…then who do we trust?:slight_smile:

I saw the rest of those movies and it was virtually the same few things repeated over and over.


They don’t have to pass around collection plate (although they do have collection boxes at the halls and at their conventions). They are incorporated as a publishing company. The Society’s money come from its members buying all the books, cds, dvds, magazines, etc, etc, etc. As a member you are guilted into attending so many mandatory meetings a week …for which you need to get the latest study book etc, etc, etc for that.


I saw your comment on his youtube, but after a few minutes it was deleted.


So, as I promised, I will be posting what JWTruth and I were emailing back and forth. Just remember that I had to lie to see what he’d say… BTW the Mass I went to was beautiful!! I loved the Aztec dancers and the Mariachi music!!


Sounds like a spunky parish you attend.

Jeff is Jwtruth a poster that just changes their name all the time on this forum?

I am wondering if this poster is the same one as another that posted here with a different name.

I wonder if the administrators here can check the isp that is coming in on this and other Jw’s here,

But that would be fairly time consuming and really who cares right?

I disagree Yessian, I think the poster ought to be banned if their only purpose here is to advertise their You Tube presentation.

We are not doing that. We have all kinds of sections on this forum open to all sorts of religions.

So it can not be said that we are doing the same thing he is. He is taking advantage of Catholic kindness and its wrong.


jwtruth…what an oxymoron!


As promised… go to forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?p=1733551#post1733551

for my conversation with JWTruth

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