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I tried hard to search for a thread on this topic but could not find one, using both the “search” tool and paging through the “Popular Media” forum for a few months. Apologies if it’s a repeat…

If you go on K-LOVE or Air1’s websites, you will find that the number one item in their “Our Beliefs” page is a little disconcerting:

“1.The Bible to be the inspired, only infallible and authoritative Word of God.”

Sounds harmless enough, but in my Church, the Pope has laid down some infallible teachings on the revelation, and we have some pretty rich Sacred Tradition, too. The phrase “only infallible”, to me, is a clear rejection of the authority of a higher Church, like the Catholic bishops, and of the Sacred Tradition that is so important to us.

Stations like these ask for donations from listeners to keep them on the air. I listen to them often and have taken a lot of good from the music they play. If “the laborer is worthy of his hire,” I should be giving them money. But their anti-authority “beliefs” statements bother me. Is it ok to donate to radio stations like K-LOVE or Air1?

Well,since the Bible itself declares JESUS to be the WORD of God, …
and having been an evangelical protestant, of the KLOVE variety, I know they are anti-Catholic, and do not believe Catholics are going to heaven unless they are saved the evangelical way. I wouldn’t support them. They support missionary organizations that work to proselytize Catholics.

My issue these days is supporting my protestant missionary friends in Catholic countries. I know that they are trying to save Catholics, but are working against the Catholic Church in those countries. So I do not send them money. It is my prayer that they come home and become Catholic and repent of what they are doing in the name of Jesus.

No $$ for K-Love. They do not support the One True and Appostolic Church - in fact, if given the opportunity, I’m certaint they would love to try to convince me of my misguided (at best) beliefs.

Ditto with Protestant missionaries…

I would not donate to groups that have broken away from the one true faith. Since they are not part of the real faith and do not have the sacraments of eucharist and penance to save souls. You could state, to a degree, these other ecclesial communities are affirming people in heresy.

I am sure they do some good. But the merit may be limited since they are not aligned with Christ and His Church.

I am fine with donating money to non-Catholic charities and ministries, but only if they do not support anti-Catholic or heretical stuff.

So, any of the numerous pro-life groups? Probably, yeah, but K-LOVE? Sorry, not a cent.

Thanks for all the insight. I should have pointed out that when I talk about “contributing”, I was referring to doing so in a manner proportionate to what K-LOVE gave me…we’re not talking about my life savings here. I guess I just feel like I owe stations like K-LOVE something because their radio station plays music that none of the secular or Catholic stations here play that has really touched me. I can’t decide which evil is greater: supporting anti-Catholic media or essentially stealing services from their radio station.

While I wouldn’t ENCOURAGE people to go try and draw Catholics into Protestant churches, in my own personal experience, my own Catholic faith was galavanized by Protestant friends in college who did just that. Looking for the Catholic Church’s answers to Protestants’ problems with the Church challenged me to explore my faith and strengthened my faith in the Church and her authority. I know I’m only one person, but in my opinion, in-your-face Protestants are just what a lot of Catholics need to make them get serious about their faith.

In that light, the risk of inadvertently supporting Protestant missions doesn’t seem as scary.

Any thoughts?

Yes, it is not so scary or serious. You just have to know all your resources are from God to begin with. Use them to promote His kingdom. Spending money in a sub-optimal manner happens all the time. We should however, get better as time marches on and always strive for perfection. This means donating to solid catholic groups - not the watered down liberal kind.

You should feel no guilt whatsoever listening to K-Love and not donating money. Go ahead and listen to them when you want to. Do this in addition though. Go to the main website here www.catholic.com and download some of the MP3 files in the daily show - Catholic Answers Live. You can see a calendar view that hints at program content with the name of the guest and show title.

Listen to these on the commute. Send them some money or order media from their website. Their material is awesome.

I do listen to Catholic Answers Live on my way home from work sometimes on our local EWTN affiliate. It’s a great show and I would definitely like to support them as well. However, the Catholic stations here just don’t have the additional musical component that stations like K-LOVE do have. If there was a Catholic alternative to K-LOVE, then this wouldn’t be an issue. What we could really use is a Catholic K-LOVE!

K-LOVE, Air One, and the local protestant station play music by Matt Maher. Wonder if the realize he is Catholic. :smiley:

You aren’t stealing services from their station. They are listener-supported but it’s not a subscription service, you aren’t required to pay to listen. If you were required to pay, but found a way to listen to free, that would be stealing.

I used to listen to K-Love during my walk with protestant friends. I felt enamored with their music and the “feel good” stuff they provided. Some of the Christian music played there was good, in my opinion, and is still good. However, once I returned to the Catholic faith (I was a cradle Catholic who left, played with pentecostal protestantism and came back to the One True Faith), I realized that K-Love is anti-catholic. I used to frequent their faith news section on their website. Never did I see anything about Pope John Paul II (now Blessed John Paul II) because at that time he was nearing his reunion with the Lord, which occurred about a month or so after I decided to come back. Once I realized this, I stopped listening to them.

My advice: if you want “feel good” music, I think it’s fine to listen to K-Love, but watch out for some of the songs that are not in accord with what the Church teaches. Remember these are Protestant singers who sing according to their beliefs. But now that you know what they think of the Catholic Church, would you support such a group? You should discuss this with a priest and follow his advice.

However, if you prefer to be on fire for the Catholic Faith, listen to EWTN radio. I listen to it every day at work. I “feel good” about my faith and what it teaches. It’s an objective “feel good” attitude, not a “subjective” one. You will get more out of EWTN than K-Love.:wink:

And I think you can also look up Catholic singers, too. I don’t listen to their music, but I know EWTN TV used to (or still has) a segment that introduced Catholic singers.

K-LOVE as an evangelical organization inherently promotes ideas incompatible with catholicism. I see them as a “two steps forward, one step back” sort of effect.

Maybe someday I’ll give to them when I have more money than the authentic and effective 100% catholic ministries I know of can use properly. Until then, I just give to “three steps forward” organizations. :wink:

Great post. I even have reduced donations at the local catholic parish since it is quite liberal and in some ways non-catholic. I give most of my hard-earned money, that is really on loan from God, to real catholic organizations.

I see this as a matter of using God’s gifts in the best way possible. We only live once. I want to make it to heaven and when there, God willing, look back and have no regrets about how I used my time, talents, and resources - including money.

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