What is Kaballah? Why celebrities are flocking to that “religion?” I saw the founders of Kaballah on TV yesterday, they look like criminals. They live in multi-million dollar houses in Beverly Hill, CA. When asked why do you live in such a home, they responded, “look at the pope.” By the way, they all took vow of poverty.

I saw a lot of beautiful, smart, and successful people acting like zombie at Kaballah convention. It’s a shame. They could seek God through our Church, but why bother? Too much rules, regulations, and committment. No free love, no free well! Who says following God is easy.


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See forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?p=743103#post743103.

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Thanks for the link to the other Kaballah thread, stillsmallvoice. I missed that the first time around. The title of the article that you provided “Ethereal Girl Seeks Cheap Grace” says it all. It’s so painful to see celebrities who worship themselves trying to “act” at religion.

Reading this in the article: “As Madonna soared out of Israel on her private jet last week, she left behind her trademark trail of controversy and chaos. Secular Israelis were intoxicated by her five-day trip to the Holy Land; Orthodox Jews were repulsed. Palestinians protested. Israeli police arrested two of her bodyguards who had assaulted photographers outside her hotel” and then reading this: “The singer who now answers to ‘Esther’ … wants to ‘put an end to chaos’ in the world” made me look like this :rotfl: .

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