I’ve been looking into the teachings of the Kaballah, for research purposes only, and I found it to be really interesting. I became excited about how much I learned and was ecstatic when I was finally able to share my findings with my mom. At first I told her all of the little discoveries I had made and she found it to be interesting as well (not necessarily believing it but finding it interesting) and asked where I found this information. I told her that it was mostly from websites which outlined the Kaballah. She kind of gave me a suspicious look and told me to watch at what I was subjecting my self to. I’m wasn’t, and am not, looking to convert, I’m quite satisfied as a Catholic. But I was wondering what it is about the Kaballah that is so shocking and/or evil? Is it just one of those things that humans don’t understand so it’s classified as evil or is it particularly linked to Satan?


Modern Kabbalh has little resemblance to the ancient and medieval mystical religion it is supposedly based on. Now a trendy form of “spirituality” embraced by immature rock stars, it has been reduced more or less to a mixture of New Age and feminism.

Here is everything you need to know:



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