Kagan Defends Revising Medical Group's Statement on Partial-Birth Abortion

In a rare moment of drama in her confirmation hearings, Supreme Court Justice nominee Elena Kagan was forced to defend her revision of an obstetrician group’s policy statement on partial-birth abortion while she was an adviser in the Clinton White House.


Here we go again. Democrats howled at Robert Bork in the 1980’s and said that his obedience to Nixon directives firing the Watergate special prosecutor marked him as morally unsuitable to be a supreme court justice. And they pulled it off too.

Today we have a candidate who obeyed a Clinton directive to instruct a supposedly independent scientific organization to doctor its policy statement (changing the very meaning, even). A clear example of political meddling in scientific advisory roles. Some of the SAME Democrats in the Senate that denounced Bork won’t say a word.

Make up your minds guys. Either obeying a presidential order of dubious morality (if not legality) is a disqualifier or it isn’t.

Disgusting hypocrisy. I don’t know why it still surprises me.

It means we have to change tactics.

Being nice and conciliatory doesn’t cut it; they just walk all over us and we get no compromises or concessions.

It is time to fight the way the “progressives” and radicals fight. To win. No more double gentlemanly standard.

Senators Coburn and Sessions are alluding to a filibuster.

Senator Lindsey Graham wants to reach across the aisle; after all Obama won the election … but there is every indication that Kagan will not follow the original intent of the Constitution.

The radicals regard politics as a take no prisoners exercise.

Let the American people learn who she really is – a superannuated 1960’s radical – and what she really stands for.

Time to take off the gloves.

It won’t hurt anything to delay until after the November elections. Not that far away.

Remember that decision the other day on the 2nd Amendment … 5-4.

This stuff has got to stop.

Write to your Senators, Democrat AND Republican. No confirmation. Filibuster. Time to fight.

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