Kaine emerges as favorite in Clinton's VP search


STERLING, Virginia (AP) – Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine has emerged as the leading contender to join the Democratic ticket as Hillary Clinton’s running mate, according to two Democrats, who both cautioned that Clinton has not made a final decision and could yet change directions.

The announcement of Clinton’s pick could come as early as Friday afternoon in Florida, a crucial general election battleground state. The timing is aimed at shifting attention away from the end of Donald Trump’s Republican convention and generating excitement before the start of Clinton’s own convention next week in Philadelphia.

Kaine, 58, has been a favorite for the vice presidential slot since the start of Clinton’s search process. He has been active in the Senate on foreign relations and military affairs and built a reputation for working across the aisle as Virginia’s governor and mayor of Richmond.



Clinton to announce VP pick in text to supporters this afternoon, first joint appearance w/ pick in Miami tomorrow


another pro abortion catholic…

not good at all.


Moderate, often bipartisan, Catholic Democrat who is personally pro-life, 10 years her junior, fluent in Spanish, who sits on Armed Services and Foreign relations in the Senate, and is from a Southern battleground state where he’s apparently popular. He checks a lot of boxes for her ticket and seems to be a very solid choice.


I wouldn’t call him a moderate; but I wouldn’t call him far Left either.

I think he speaks Spanish, which is a plus for the ticket.

He is definitely part of the old guard Democratic Party establishment.

More on him.


Tim Kaine on the Issues


Hillary Clinton on the Issues



At least it is not Bernie. That would be a scary ticket.:eek:


This phrase just tells me the person it is said about either has no backbone to stand up for what they believe in or they really aren’t pro-life.


From what I’ve read of his history he generally supports promoting abstinence, backed the partial birth ban, backed informed consent and parental consent laws. He seems to back pro-life laws quite a bit. He may not want Roe completely overturned but from what I’ve read he’s very middle of the road, even somewhat conservative on the issue of abortion. Particularly for a Democrat. :shrug:


Honestly, he’s about the best we could have hoped for from Hillary. The democratic base would have revolted over anyone more center.


Honestly I’m shocked she chose someone so much more moderate. I figured given the Bernie pressure she’d go left with her choice.

I mean Kaine opposes drug legalization, supports a beefed up military, opposes keeping us involved in foreign wars, all of which are traditionally “Republican” positions to take. And his abortion position is hardly democratic norm.


I don’t care who she picks, she could literally pick Jesus himself as her VP and I wouldn’t vote for her.


Some liberals aren’t very happy with the potential of Kaine as the VP choice: thehill.com/homenews/news/288731-liberals-press-clinton-not-to-pick-kaine-for-vp


Wait, you’ve go against your Lord and savior? :confused:


True some on the left wanted her to pick someone even further left of herself, like a Bernie type. But frankly Kaine makes far more sense. Bernie helped move Clinton further left than she already was and now Kaine provides some balance to that closer to the middle. It would have made no sense to pick a more liberal candidate if you’re trying to broaden appeal.


Jesus would decline as he could see into her very soul - he is God after all.


You think if she picked Jesus as her VP that means he’d pick her? And God did give us free will.


Haven’t heard of him but at first read thought she would be picking Herman Cain, remember him? :slight_smile:

And let’s not inject wwjd into politics, everyone knows he’s a Bernie supporter anyway :wink:


I just saw somebody tweet about it, Senator Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s VP pick.


It should help with the disenfranchised Republicans.


According to the following, put out by the GOP, Kaine was a supporter of the war in Iraq and he supported the crime bill 1994, among other things: gop.com/meet-tim-kaine/?mid=76664&rid=14964358

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