Kaine Spent Inauguration Night Presiding Over Same-Sex Wedding


I don’t know why I’m shocked, but I thought Kaine was/is Catholic?? How can he preside over a same sex wedding?



Kaine is friends with a gay couple. They ask you him marry them. He did it because he’s their friend.

That’s how it probably happened?


that would explain attending a same sex “wedding” but not presiding over it (if Catholic, that is.)


Senator Kaine was a Catholic, but he is obviously deeply involved in the very gravest sin, as his pro-abortion activity with Hillary Clinton shows. We should pray for him. His pastor and his bishop should very certainly be reaching out to him, but that is not something the public should know about.


Not surprised in the least, he was a political trap set for Catholics, I’m glad there were many Catholics who didn’t fall for it. There was no limit to their deception.

God Bless You

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Didn’t Joe Biden do the same?



God Bless You


“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.
Woe to the world because of things that cause sin! Such things must come, but woe to the one through whom they come!”

Matthew 18:6-7


I have to assume you aren’t a Catholic because it seems you have a poor nderstanding of the faith


I am a Catholic, and I try to understand the faith. I have Catholic friends who have presided over non-denominational ceremonies because they were asked to do it.

Maybe I don’t understand the faith, but its a testament to their friendship. Open to hearing why I have a poor understanding of the faith though.


I suggest sending your question to either Fr.Serpa or one of the apologists on the forum site.


Yeah, he’s Catholic, but with far left political leanings. I highly doubt he accepts that piece of Catholic doctrine.


Actually for those who understand the faith, Sen Kaine is a Catholic according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Not was. Once Catholic always Catholic is the actual Catholic teaching.




Again with this? The unstated qualifier on this post and others like it is not whether the person is a de facto Catholic. Nobody here has ever said otherwise. But posts like these continue to deflect from the real issue: a Catholic performed an illicit act publicly that is directly contrary to Church teaching. At a minimum it is a source of public scandal that in some sense separates him from the Church.

It is this separation, especially its public nature, that is the unspoken qualifier. And I think readers get it. Your correction is the typical semantic distraction to avoid tackling the issue head on.


So I guess “was” is the new “is”. I can only assume the faithful here do not wish to confuse lurkers and others who are here to learn the faith, as to what the Catholic Church teaches about who is a Catholic. Otherwise, again, it can cause confusion about Catholic teaching when people for example use the verb “was” or make similar comments.


My suggestion to another poster was to address this question to a forum apologist,might be a good idea if you were to do the same;)


Maybe you missed the answers I posted from a forum apologist about what the Church teaches in regard to who is a Catholic.


The issue that needs clarification for some is why officiating at a SS marriage is going against church doctrine.


Here is what Pope Francis has to say about same sex marriage. Perhaps you will find it enlighting


The general reason why Catholics should not participate is that, as the Holy Father noted, it is a work of the father of lies.


My point stands. I can’t think of a single Catholic who doesn’t understand the indelible mark made by baptism. And that one never ceases to be Catholic. So it boggles me when people post about whether a person is Catholic or not. It’s Church doctrine. It’s not an issue.

The only reason for such a post, it seems to me, is to defect the issue. Instead of talking about whether Kaine’s actions are wrong, the conversation shifts to talking about whether or not somebody think Kaine is actually Catholic. It’s the typical red herring to distract the conversation about real issues to unimportant and already decided ones.

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