"Kairos" in Septuagint?


Does “kairos” appear in the Septuagint?

What Hebrew word does it translate?

I am most curious about the Torah Septuagint.

All and any help is most welcomed.


Yes it does.

The Greek word καιρός means “opportune” or “right time,” and is one of two words used by the Hellenists to refer to time, the other being Χρόνος or “chronos.”

Most of us are familiar with “chronos” as it refers to time such as used on a clock. The other word, “kairos” is very flexible and loaded with meaning, referring to a “precise” or “ideal” moment, a quality of measured time, and is even used as the word for “weather” to this day.

In the LXX you can find “kairos” at Genesis 6:13, Psalm 80:16, Ezekiel 7:12, Daniel 7:22 and 8:17, and some Greek texts of Habakkuk use it in various places. The meanings vary and there is question regarding its use in the prophets as to when it does and when it does not refer to an eschatological event. (This list is not exhaustive by any means.)

In Genesis it refers to God’s moment of intervention, while in the other instances it means the end “time” or “hour.”

But it also has a similar usage in Wisdom at 7:18 and 8:8 without eschatological implications.


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To provide the Hebrew from the Greek that Delson provided:

Gn 6:13 uses קֵץ (this really means “end”)

Ps 80:16 (does not use καιρός)

Ez 7:12 uses עֵת


Doesn’t Genesis 6: 13 use both qets and 'eth?

Qets is translated by Kairos, isn’t it?

Also, does end here mean the completion or fulfillment?



Ps 80:16 (LXX) = Ps 81:15
καιρος from עת


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No, עֵת does not appear in Genesis 6:13. You can easily find the Hebrew text of the OT with a search engine in future cases.

Genesis 6:13 translates קֵץ with καιρός. However, every occurrence of καιρός does not necessarily mean the Hebrew word is קֵץ. That information was the purpose of my last post. Sorry if you did not understand.

I would recommend reading Genesis 6:13 in English to answer your own question about the meaning of “end” here. Does it sound like it is talking about the *fulfillment *of humanity? I hope not.




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