Kamala Agrees with Voter Who Called Trump’s Actions ‘Mentally Retarded’: ‘Well Said’

Kamala Agrees with Voter Who Called Trump’s Actions ‘Mentally Retarded’: ‘Well Said’

Kamala_Harris Laughs, Applauds

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7 Sep 2019

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) appeared to agree with a voter who called for impeachment and called President Trump’s actions “mentally retarded,” replying, “well said, well said.”

A video surfaced Saturday showing a voter telling Harris that he does not buy the argument that impeachment “does not make sense.” He continued, calling Trump’s actions “mentally retarded,” and Harris appeared to agree.

“Well said, well said,” Harris chuckled. . . .

. . . Harris spoke to CBS News reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns following her remarks and claimed that she did not hear the man use the term “mentally retarded,” calling it an “incredibly offensive term"

The video is there for all to see along with Harris’ profile facial expressions while the guy is still talking. And EXCELLENT sound quality.

If she didn’t hear that part of what the guy said,
WHY state “well said”?
What if the guy said Trump’s actions were a
“real economy starter” (or some such that closely resembles “mentally retarded”? Is she going to say “well said”? Then claim she didn’t hear that either?)?

If she didn’t hear him WHY say “well said”?

To the readers here. Follow the video links. Listen and watch Kamala for yourself. Draw your own conclusions.

And she has a CBS interview where the reporter pushes the idea of not hearing BEFORE Kamala says this.

And the “reporter” never asked Kamala the obvious. "If you didn’t hear that portion, do you think your audience, who laughed loud and jovially, all missed it too? And if not, what would you say to those laughing at that term right now?

Only Trump is allowed to disparage his opponents that way. What was she thinking?


ProVobis . . .

Only Trump is allowed to disparage his opponents that way. What was she thinking?

Well ProVobis.

I had the post up sixteen minutes and you’ve already dragged President Trump into this thread with your whataboutism.

Pretty much what I expected.

But thanks for at least tacitly admitting Kamala was “disparage(ing)” to disabled people.

I agree with you there.


To the readers here.

Watch these leftists express hyper-concern over political correctness when they themselves are the subject of their own concern.

But (if these same kinds of people were in Kamala’s audience) where were the “politically correct police” when
this guy is using mentally disabled people for a disparaging political prop,
the people are laughing it up and clapping, and
Kamala herself in addition to laughing, is giving a little nod in agreement and repeating “well said”?

You can watch the video segment right at the Breitbart link on my OP.

Where were those guys when they are all making fun of someone else AND they cannot get political mileage out of it?

Hopefully at least Bernie will come out tomorrow and castigate Kamala for this.

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I actually dislike using mental retardation in this way for a cheap jibe, however the target it is aimed at has no moral high ground on that issue to stand on. It’s fool confronting fool as far as I’m concerned, tasteless crassness encourages it to be replicated unfortunately.


JharekCarnelian . . .

however the target it is aimed at has no moral high ground on that issue to stand on.

So you are saying because the guy aimed this at President Trump, it’s OK??

Because it seems to me, if these politically-correct infractions are to be taken seriously,
WHO they are aimed at SHOULD BE irrelevant.

No, I have nowhere said that. Your point also works for Trump as well, foolish talk and demagoguery and abuse should not be the rule either side plays by, but it gets attention which is why people will use such tactics.


JharekCarnelian . . .

No, I have nowhere said that.

Fair enough.

Then WHY bring the Trump dimension into the discussion here in this manner?

The clue is in the title of the thread.


Whatever. . . .

(So you affirm that “the target” IS irrelevant. Right? At least with regards to these actions of the guy and Kamala’s response. They were JUST AS inappropriate as if this guy were talking about anyone else. Right?)

Indeed, a point that applies to all players in the political field. Left or right wing.


Very tacky thing to say. But at least she apologized, something Trump is not in the habit of doing.


What’s not allowed anymore is progressives claiming false outrage when Trump does do it.


Trump said he wasn’t disparaging Kovaleski, but the bolded is such a pathetic excuse for Harris’s overt and intentional insensitivity.

The double standard is astounding.


Oh yeah…I forgot…if “Trump said”, it has to be a fact, because he is a proven paragon of truthfulness.



Ah, so you recognize it. Congratulations.
Trump should be criticized for those actions regarding Kovaleski. They were cruel and reprehensible.
Harris’s are equally so.

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LOL…nice try…you either didn’t read, or have chosen to ignore my original post…nice try, though, I admire your moxy!

Nice dodge. Defend Harris’s cruelty all you like.

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Seems Fake Indignation can now be added to Fake News and Fake Weather Reports! Have a good day, Jon, I’m done.

No indignation here. Just stunned by the progressive double standard.

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