Kamala Harris craters in the polls

August 21, 2019

Schadenfreude: Kamala Harris craters in the polls

By Monica Showalter

Did Tulsi Gabbard really end up throwing the bucket of water that melted Kamala Harris?

The fakest and most ambitious of the Democratic presidential candidates is positively cratering in the polls. According to the New York Post:

Joe Biden’s lead rose among Democratic presidential contenders while Kamala Harris sank like a stone in a new poll released Tuesday, which also showed the other top four candidates essentially treading water.

The former veep — despite a series of characteristic gaffes in recent weeks — was the choice of 29 percent of those surveyed by CNN between Thursday and Sunday, up from 22 percent in a June survey by the cable network.

Harris who was at 17% in the polls in the wake of the first Democratic presidential debate, is now at 5% in the aftermath of the second, losing more than half her voting base, as well as her status as a top-tier candidate. . . .

. . . Why did she go down so fast? Why did she fall like a bad souffle? Probably because her support was so gossamer-fluffy, so sleazy-thin, to start with.

Her pre-presidential buildup was premised on fake Twitter followers, for one. Remember this - the great Twitter fake-follower cull? Harris had more fake followers than pretty much anyone – 55% the first time I checked, and 40%when word got out about the purge.

She was using those numbers to beef up her fundraising base and presence in the Democratic Party. . .

. . . when in reality, as Gabbard demonstrated, she was just corrupt on crime. She refused to throw out invented testimony from prosecutors which would have freed an innocent man. She threw thousands of low-level marijuana offenders in jail, while joking about smoking the weed herself. “I’'m Jamaican,” she joked, something that made her Jamaican immigrant father speak out. She kept prisoners in jail beyond their terms to avail themselves of their labor. She pretended she knew nothing about the big sex-harassment cases in her midst. . . .

. . . Now she can’t even persuade leftists. Joe Biden’s gaffes, by contrast, look a lot less objectionable compared to Harris’s of phoniness, patronage, elitism and ambition.

It’s disgusting to anyone. No wonder she’s going down.

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