Kamala Harris joked about killing Trump

Can you imagine if a conservative politician had made a joke like this against President Obama, or Hillary Clinton?


And when one reads the context of the remark one soon realizes she is not directly threatening your president and it’s a tongue in cheek remark.


You mean like when Trump joked about the “second amendment people” being able to do something about Hillary Clinton and her judicial picks?


I’m getting tired of not being able to turn on a talk show, awards show, ect without getting politics slammed in my face.
Did she really have to ask Kamela Harris that question?
And I still stand by my statement, had it been the other way around…

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And I stand by mine. We don’t have to imagine what would happen if a conservative politician make a joke like this about Hillary Clinton, because Donald Trump did it. And what happened was, well, not much.

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they did, they voted trump in. what did you think he meant by the statement.

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I didn’t understand him to be seriously advocating the assassination of Hillary Clinton, if that’s what you’re asking. And I don’t believe Senator Harris was seriously (or even un-seriously) saying that she would personally kill Jeff Sessions or Mike Pence or the president if she was alone on an elevator with one of them.

This is nothing. It’s a tempest in a teapot. It’s not even a tempest in a teapot – it’s a slight breeze in a shot glass.

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me neither

Sorry I missed Senator Harris’s appearance on Ellen. She is definitely a rising star in the political arena and much like Barack Obama was for not 1 but 2 cycles, she could be a force to be reckoned with.

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