Kanakuk Kamps


The best solution is to find a Catholic camp for your Catholic kids. Not one close by? Call your Diocese and start working to get one started!


Two of my boys are there right now for the first time. It was highly recommended by 5 seperate Catholic friends of mine. Each of these families has been sending there kids there for years. I am very well rooted in my Catholic faith and have no problem sending them to Kanakuk. I have years of experiece in Evangelical circles and have too been deeply hurt by anti Catholic retoric in these circles, but at the end of the day I had to be very careful not to loose focus on the fact that it was only a small contingincy of this movement that hurt me. Although the hurt was deep, the majority of my exposure did teach me to love my Savior very much. I can say that I was introduced to Jesus Christ as my personal savior through the evangelical movement. (Even though I grew up Catholic.) I am 39 years old, and when I was finally able to own the fact that God sent his Son to earth for my salvation, it was only then that I was able to celebrate the sacraments and experience the fullness that they were originally intended for. Mass, the Eucharist, Confession, renewing my baptisim vowes, my Catholic community: IT ALL EXPLODED INTO A RICHNESS THAT I WOULD HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED WITHOUT GOD PLACING THE EVANGELICALS IN MY PATH. I will pick up my boys on Sunday and it has been our (my wife and I) prayer all week that they both come to know their God at a much deeper and personal level. I will not be blind to correcting any non-Catholic teaching. I see this as an opportunity to deepen God’s relationship with my boys and furthermore an opportunity to relate that opportunity to the Catholic church they currently are not able to relate to (even though they attend mass and go through all the motions) It is impossible to force them to know what my heart took 30 plus years to figure out, yet I will use any tool that I can find to allow them to make their personal journey with their personal savior the most fufilling possible. I welcome the gift that Kanakuk is offering them. I pray that they will accept that gift and we can become stronger Catholics because of that.


I am a Catholic and I went to Kanakuk for eight years. Both of my brother went there for 8-10 years. Our family is close to the founding family of the Kamp (Joe White) and couldn’t think higher of this place. What an awesome place for kids/teenagers! Of course, there are non-Catholics there who are going to ask questions about differences in Catholic vs. protestant faiths…but they are questions, not accusations. I went to Catholic schools all my life, but my faith really grew at Kamp. At the time I went to Kamp, my father was Methodist. He is now a deacon in the Catholic Church. My mom is very devout Catholic. They both love the place. Further, both of my brothers and I worked at Kamp in some capacity. I cannot wait for my 3 Catholic boys to attend…just a couple more years.


Well, I started this thread 4 years ago and it still gets hits, guess maybe I should post something. My daughter has gone to Kanakuk 4 years now and my son went for the first time last summer. We have lured other family members there as well. It has been a wonderful experience and all the positive comments posted elsewhere are on target. Yes, it is evangelical and yes, I am certain there are anti-Catholics there, but we have not experienced them. I have been vigilant in watching and listening to my daughter, especially when she returns. They have a home bible-study they call Champions’ Walk and my daughter and I are on the third edition. I have spotted a number of things that are clearly protestant and I take those opportunities to discuss them with my daughter and show her where they are wrong … and by using our Catholic bible. I really think so far it has helped her understand her faith better. Even more so, it has created excitement in her about her faith, which makes it easier for me to discuss it and teach her. I would recommend Kanakuk to anyone who asked. The only caution I would give is, if you (as the parent) are not solid in your faith or knowledgeable about the differences between Protestantism and Catholicism, you might want to look elsewhere for a camp … and get yourself more knowledgeable, because your children’s faith will be challenged both by secular society and by Protestants. If you want to know more about Kanakuk, I would be happy to discuss.


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