Kansas Archbishop Urges Pro-Abortion Gov. Sebelius to Skip Communion

This is already being talked about here:

The urging by the Archbishop is not based on this one veto vote by her, but by a history of many things, conversations, etc. that we are not privy to. It’s not coming out of nowhere all of a sudden. And she is not formally excommunicated. At least not yet. We are obligated to assume good faith on his part that he is shepherding his flock with all due prudence and justice. Pray for him and the Gov’s repentence.

Yes, I’m glad you mentioned this. It was not a reaction to one veto. The governor has a long history of pro-abortion activism. The bishop had apparently requested in a private communication that she refrain from receiving communion. It was only when he learned that she was still receiving communion after these private admonitions that this letter was published.

The Archbishop handled this exactly the way it should be handled. Sebelius is a democrat with national aspirations & accordingly although she is Catholic and claims to oppose abortion she has blocked every effort in the State of Kansas to limit abortion-even vetoing a partial birth abortion ban,. In spite of this the Archbishop first tried to handle this in a pastoral manner. He spoke with her in private and counseled her not to receive communion until she accepted the Church’s teaching on Abortion. She publicly defied him leaving him with no choice other than to publicly reprimand her. the next step. if the defiance continues is to publicly excommunicate her(although she has already done this to herself.

If she does gain a national office one wonders when (if ever) she realizes that her quest for power has led to her engaging in grievous sin and making her faith secondary to her political

I should note that the Kansas governor is not much different than many elected officials who are Catholic yet promote as a matter of policy legislation which permits, furthers, and promotes abortion. Catholic bishops cannot tell them how to do their job or how to vote. But they can advise them when they are in spiritual danger and should refrain from receiving communion.

There may be many people who receive communion each week who are not properly disposed to do so. I haven’t really heard many homilies lately which emphasize that there are times when one should not receive communion without first being reconciled to the Church.

There is a huge difference between one who goes to Comunnion with unforgiven mortal sisn and a public figure who flaunts their sin publicly.

I don’t know how many Catholics will leave the Church over things like this, but it is absolutely necessary that the Church make it clear that it respects its own sacraments.

This governor is hardly unique among Catholic politicians. It is good to see bishops standing up for the Church.

This is quite true. Yet the Church must make clear to everyone the seriousness of receiving communion with unforgiven mortal sins. This is an essential step in making clear why it speaks up about politicians acting in defiance of Church teaching who continue to receive communion.

And the sooner we start doing it, the better.

I have said it before, abortion is a Catholic sin. Had the Church stood up on it’s hind legs decades ago, abortion would not be ramapant in this country.

I agree. There was not much Catholic outrage following Roe v Wade. (Of course, the decision was so rambling and vacuous that not many people understood it.) Had Catholics acted as a solid voting block for life we would not be in this position today.

If Catholics refused to vote for a Pro-abortion canidate Abortion would be banned by the end of next year,

If Catholics will act as a solid voting block today, we can end abortion.

To my fellow Catholics who identify themselves as Republicans or Democrats, I say, “Purge your party of pro-choice candidates.”

Get to work. Develop and groom pro-life candidates and support them. Make it clear that pro-choice candidates cannot get the Catholic vote.

Perhaps sooner.

Sure. But then the Bishops would need to go public with who to vote for and who not to vote for and I don’t see them doing such a thing. Tax exemptions are just to tasty a tidbit to give up. Personally I think we should pay the taxes and get our Catholic teaching back on track.


A Catholic should not need a Bishop to tell them they you dont vote for people who support abotion

A Catholic (big C) would not need to be told.

A catholic (little c) needs all the help they can get.

It’s too bad there aren’t more bishops willing to take a stand as this one did. He is truly a shepherd. And I certainly agree with the poster who said that if Catholics refused to vote for pro-abortion politicians, we’d see the end of abortion. It is appalling to me that so many Catholics will support those politicians who are staunch abortion supporters.

May the Bishop-to-be of Little Rock (who will be consecrated in June) have the courage to act in this way.

Today there were a couple of letters to the editor in the Wichita Eagle, from Catholics, accusing the Bishop of "blackmail."

Those two letters clearly indicate a major problem that ails the American Catholic Church-that is “Catholics” putting their politics before their faith. Sibelius has already abandoned her Faith-it was incumbent on the Bishop to point that out.

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