Kansas man admits robbing Kansas bank to escape wife



A 70-year-old man who told investigators after robbing a Kansas bank that he’d rather be imprisoned than with his wife has admitted carrying out the holdup.


:rotfl: :whacky:


That was not too well thought out. She will be on a singles cruise to the Bahama’s and he will watching sweaty guys lift weights and play chess. :ouch:


I’m guessing if they had that kind of money he just would have filed for divorce.

Some interesting speculation in the comments on the article, did he actually rob the bank?

Sure, he got the teller to give him $3,000. But he didn’t go anywhere with it-- just sat down. Never intended to leave the bank with the money. Depending on how robbery is defined legally there, he may not have actually robbed the bank, but committed some lesser offense. He did threaten the teller by claiming he had a gun.


Haha! As Father Jim Chern would say, “what’s up with that?”. :):slight_smile:


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