Kansas: WaKeeney man sentenced for conspiracy to commit murder of woman's unborn child


WaKeeney man sentenced for conspiracy to commit murder of woman’s unborn child

Scott Bollig to serve 117 months in prison

Scott Bollig was originally charged with first-degree murder after police say* he crushed an abortion pill into a pancake *and fed it to his pregnant ex-girlfriend. That caused her to lose her pregnancy.

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Rather amazing.


Interesting. So it IS human, so long as the mother wants to consider it so.


I don’t get it.

All he did was get rid of a “clump of cells”.* :shrug:

:rolleyes: :smiley:

  • Sarcasm


:DWe are all clumps of cells. Some bigger than others!


he crushed an abortion pill into a pancake

I guess people could even do this where they eat at restaurants though only an unbalanced individual would do such a thing. Apparently, this did cause her to lose her child.

10 years in prison, rightfully, I hope with no possibility of parole. I am sure some would want a stricter sentence.


This is what Im always saying…how can prosecutors charge someone with 2 counts of murder if they kill a pregnant women, if they claim the fetus is not a life??? I also dont understand why there is no outrage about this from the prochoice camp, seems to me, they would be up in arms over this.

Right there, they legally admit, the unborn baby IS A LIFE, if it wasnt, the murder charge could not be brought, no matter who killed it.

They want it both ways though, so they find ways to do it


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