Kanye West interview - "Jesus Is King"

He’s talked about running for president. Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had a celebrity in the White House. And Kim Kardashian as First Lady… now those would be interesting times to live in!

“Jesus Is King” — sounds like he’d fully get the social teachings of the Catholic Church.

(And yes, “Single Ladies” was one of the best videos of all time. Sorry, Taylor — he shouldn’t have interrupted you like that, but facts are facts.)

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How cool would it be if Kanye West made an album entirely in Church Latin? Because he would totally get my money if he did that.

Maybe Kanye will help open African Americans to the reality of the democrat
party and their lies about abortion.

Of course, the liberal media now will be told to attack Kanye and make fun of him
and discredit him.

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Or Armenian Apostolic chant? Now that would be something to hear!

African Americans tend to be more conservative where traditional morality is concerned. Perhaps they could help to lead the Democratic Party back from the moral abyss they presently wallow in.

Just as a side note, Bob Marley was received into the Ethiopian Orthodox Church before he died.

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I am afraid it might be too late for the democrat party. The African Americans who are conservative would do well to walk away from that party.

It goes without saying that the Christian-hating big media will attack Kanye for this.

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I’m not so sure. The media is a lot more tolerant of Black people believing in Christianity than for White people.

Very true. The media is very reluctant to challenge anything pertaining to black people. It could be that they are able to “go places” with ideas, aspects of faith and morality, and so on, without being as overtly or vociferously challenged. Perhaps that is divine providence for our country.

What wonders that could do for the pro-life movement, if channeled the right way. “Abortion as black genocide” is a fire that needs to be fanned. In African American culture, children are welcomed, loved, and valued, and that is as it should be. Good example to follow.

But Kanye is also a Trump supporter so they will hold that against him.
Chance the Rapper is a Christian, but is not a threat to the liberals.

However, Kanye is trying to speak to a certain democrat voting block and the
democrats need their votes and Kanye is trying to dissuade them of voting
democrat, so whether he is Christian or not, the liberal media will not be
tolerant of him. They will mock him.

More power to him. His music is not my cup of tea, but I admire him very much.

They may mock him, but I think they will go easier on him, than if he were a white Christian conservative. That’s just the social and political environment we live in these days.

All I know is they did not go easy on him after he met with President Trump
in the Oval office. He was mocked, ridiculed, shamed. The liberal media is always
ready to jump at the chance to bully and attack anyone who does not toe the
line with their agenda.

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