Kasich: "I would not have signed the North Carolina Bathroom Law"




John Kasich should take a stronger stance on the Culture Wars. He would gain more votes that way.


The fact that people–pols, journalists–continually “misspeak” about the law is contributing hugely to the “controversy.” The law requires that people use the facilities according to the sex listed on their birth certificates.

However, the birth certificate can be/usually is changed by transgender people as they go through the transition, so that their IDs will match their appearance.

So it is not the “birth gender” which matters, but the “birth *certificate *gender” which counts.

I guess including that word would render the whole issue so reasonable that it wouldn’t sell any papers, so they leave it out and have lovely profitable controversy.


Hindsight is 20/20.


Who would have thought, 20 years ago, that the dominant civil rights issue of 2016 would be the right of men to use women’s bathrooms?


The LGBT activists envisioned their issues as the new Civil Rights Movement.


:nope: I refuse to go.to the bathroom carrying a birth certificate . How does one expect to find it in a.woman s purse when one is in a hurry!
Will there be a “/birth certificate scanner " or what?
One of these days we have to organize " a soon to be and senior ladies” protest…:sad_yes:


I heard him say this today. Does this mean he will never be the Republican nominee? I know he has already said he would make the worst VP. So I can’t imagine the party would nominate and vote for someone for VP who has made such a claim about himself.


You mean in a Republican primary, right? I’m not as sure stronger stances on the culture wars as you call them, help as much in a general. But then maybe since he knows he can not win the nomination the usual way, he is saying this to appeal to the party bosses by demonstrating that he is the only one of the remaining 3 to best take on Hillary Clinton. Oh wait a second. That is what he has already been doing. :doh2:


And I have enough in my pockets as it is. Keys, wallet, cell phone.




If that was his reason for doing it, then I am not sure I would want to vote for him.


Isn’t it in the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment that men are guaranteed the right to use women’s restrooms and women are guaranteed the right to use men’s restrooms?

Never mind, I don’t even want to know.


So North Carolina now requires people to carry their birth certificate when they use a public restroom? :confused:

I think you make a good point that transgender people, in most states, are able to get new birth certificates after they have completed surgery. However, not all states do this. And what about the persons who are still in the process of crossing over? Aren’t transgender people expected to live a year or two in their chosen gender before they can receive surgery?


Will North Carolina accept the birth certificate of Hawaii or does it have to be the long form?

Frankly, all this is silly. If Governor Kasich is saying he won’t support this because it is a colossal waste of time, then that is a compelling reason to vote for him.

He is not as socially conservative as some here might like though and did fail to support the ‘heartbeat bill’ in Ohio that would have made many (most?) abortions illegal. He also made a big point of going to a gay marriage in an early Republican debate.


So he doesn’t believe in an overreaching government that meddles in the affairs of private businesses. That is kind of Republican, or is outside of North Carollina.


The law as I understand it does not effect private businesses.

Here in Ontario transgenders are allowed to use whichever bathroom/changeroom they wish… there was a case at a YMCA where a transgendered woman (biological man) was caught staring at a woman while she was taking a shower… he approached her with an erected penis and asked her “do you come her often?” The woman complained but was told that the man had every right to be in that changeroom. I wonder what Kasich would say about that.


Who knows what Kasich would say to that incident? How do you feel about gay men sharing the same bathroom as straight men? (Or gay women sharing the same bathroom as straight women?) That used to be a major issue, but no longer is.


I think that’s fair enough.

Girl/Boy, Man/Woman isn’t open to interpretation, if they have the stuff downstairs, well, they should know what bathroom they are expected to use regardless of how they identify/see themselves I think.

The trouble with this whole thing I believe, is how open to interpretation it is and obviously corruption and abuse, because if a guy said he was a woman and wanted to use the girls bathrooms, common sense would say no. On the other hand, someone like Bruce Jenner, who now calls himself Caitlyn Jenner and has physically harmed himself with sex reassignment surgery :frowning: probably shouldn’t be forced to use men’s bathrooms.

Anyway, just some of my thoughts.

I hope this has helped

Thank you for reading


I don’t, but I can definitely imagine the media asking him.

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