Kasich signs Ohio bill diverting Planned Parenthood funding


*Gov. John Kasich has signed legislation to strip government money from Planned Parenthood in Ohio.

The move from the Republican presidential candidate was expected, but he made it official Sunday. It comes a day after Kasich’s weak performance in South Carolina’s GOP presidential primary and a day before he heads to Virginia to campaign.

The bill targets roughly $1.3 million in funding that Planned Parenthood receives through Ohio’s health department. The money, which is mostly federal, supports initiatives for HIV testing, breast and cervical cancer screenings, and prevention of violence against women. The legislation prohibits such funds from going to entities that perform or promote abortions.

While the measure does not specifically name Planned Parenthood, that’s who backers say would be most affected.*

I put up a poll that actually showed Kasich as the one most handily defeating the likely nominee from the Democratic Party.

I certainly would not sell Kasich short.

Balanced Budget in Congress
Foreign Policy Experience
Crosses the aisle to work with Democrats
Pretty practical
Christian, I know, they all are in this but he seems to be compassionate and passinate about his beliefs.

It’s worth noting that Governor Kasich was not a strong supporter (or a supporter at all) of Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill which was passed by the lower House in the Ohio Assembly but went no further. He also made a point of saying that he went to a homosexual marriage ceremony in the first Republican debate. I wonder if the social conservatives would turn out for him.

I would. Happily.

I’m three steps to the right of Barry Goldwater, and I’d vote for John Kasich as many times as I could…:smiley:

The bill is a political stunt as is Kasich’s support of it.

Why would you say that?

The Ohio House whipped it up after the New Hampshire primary and Kasich waited to sign it until today. It is regarded as an attempt to appease southern conservatives.


One more prayed for step for America!

Thankful, regardless of motives. And I’m still not voting for him.

How long are they going to try and claim that the public needs planned parenthood? We have Obamacare now, everyone is required by law to have insurance so they can get STD testing from a regular Drs office.

I hope that they have continued those initiativrs, even if a different entity performs them.

One of the few news stories that doesn’t misrepresent. In every instance, the money is being diverted into other capable hands that can deliver the services.

Most stories call it defunding and imply it’s a war on women, as if the services will not be available…

Your disappointment at a loss of funding for an abortion mill is noted.

Agree and find that disapointment - disgusting. Any suggestion that funding for the butchers of babies should be approved demands chastisement.

I don’t know if the services will be available. No one has said where the money will go now or who those “capable hands” belong to. It’s wrong to suddenly pull the rug out from under women who are relying on those services particularly without identifying alternative providers in their area who will be providing them in lieu of PP.

The solution is for PP to stop performing abortions so they can receive Govt funding.

Don’t be silly, if the money is earmaked for HIV or STD testing, then that is what it must be used for.

County Health Clinics et al are pervasive and service a far larger audience of the poor. They target servicing the needs of the whole family, not just sexually active single women.

LOL right because we are too stupid to be able to find actual Drs in our area to give us the tests and care we need. And since we are all required to have insurance now, we don’t need PP for anything.

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