Kasich surges in Michigan as polls suggests anti-Trump momentum in Republican primary


**Kasich surges in Michigan as polls suggests anti-Trump momentum in Republican primary.

Two new polls out of Michigan today reserve the best news for Donald Trump, who consistently leads the pack, and good news for Ohio Gov. John Kasich too, who is neck-and-neck with Ted Cruz.

In a Monmouth University poll, Trump leads with 36 percent support from Republican voters in the state, which votes tomorrow, followed by Cruz with 23 percent and Kasich with 21 percent. **

It’s bad news all around for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who’s in last place in the Monmouth survey with just 13 percent support. In the other survey, he’s down to single digits…

Now, with the primary just a day away, Kasich has gone from 10 percent support, only beating retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson who has since dropped out, to around 20 percent, virtually tying Cruz in the race.

The Real Clear Political average shows that it’s Rubio’s support that the Ohio governor has eaten away.

**Kasich, of course, benefits from his next-door-neighbor status.

He’s also banking on winning his home state of Ohio on March 15, using its winner-take-all delegate allocation to make up for being in fourth place among his four current GOP rivals in the delegate count.

Michigan voters saw Kasich up close and personal on Thursday when he debated Trump, Rubio and Cruz in Detroit. **

**The polls suggest voters liked what they saw.

While the other three candidates squabbled throughout the Fox News affair, Kasich left the debate looking like the grown-up in the room**, while Trump talked about his manhood and gave nicknames to ‘Little Marco’ Rubio and ‘liar’ Cruz.

Rubio and Cruz tried beating Trump at his own game, by hurling insults his way as well.

**Today Kasich continued to differentiate himself in the state, according to the Detroit News, telling voters he was going to steer clear of the ‘personal attacks’ his rivals engage in. **

His campaign’s chief strategist John Weaver suggested that the governor could still pull ahead – with today’s polls clearly going in the right direction.

‘Michigan notoriously breaks late,’ Weaver said. ‘The undecided voters are breaking our way.’

I like Kasich and wish him well.

The super pacs are really doing whatever they can to make trump unpopular. I’m so happy that they are.

Yes thats the issue in the nutshell, most don’t want the super packs choosing for the people, its a basic conservative core principle. They would be wise to not abandon. Its also why nothing gets done in DC as they abandon “we the people” and the very reasons they were sent once they get in. In a word its “unacceptable” .

And while every contest matters, the Michigan primary is this week’s biggest prize. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll, released over the weekend, has the race shaping up this way:

  1. Donald Trump: 41%
  2. Ted Cruz: 22%
  3. Marco Rubio: 17%
  4. John Kasich: 13%

A new Monmouth University poll, released just a minute ago, put the frontrunner’s lead a little lower – and pointed to a very different race for second place.

  1. Donald Trump: 36%
  2. Ted Cruz: 23%
  3. John Kasich: 21%
  4. Marco Rubio: 13%

Finally, a Mitchell Research/Fox 2 poll released this morning pointed in a similar direction to Monmouth.

  1. Donald Trump: 42%
  2. John Kasich: 20%
  3. Ted Cruz: 19%
  4. Marco Rubio: 9%

It’s anecdotal, but the New York Times’ Jonathan Martin added this morning that he spoke to some GOP state legislators in Michigan yesterday, and they agreed that it’s Kasich coming on strong, having “eclipsed Rubio” in suburbs.

Keep in mind, to be eligible for at-large delegates in Michigan, Republican candidates have to reach a 15% threshold. As of now, two the three most recent polls suggest Rubio may not clear this bar – which would be the latest in a series of embarrassing setbacks for the Florida senator.






Hawaii is 19 delegates with no poll that I have seen nor has any candidate campaigned in Hawaii as I read.

I no longer beleive in polls. Either they are intentionally misleading, grossly inaccurate, or there is cheating going on in voting booths.

Me either but I also don’t believe is pure speculation which is in fact the suggestive thinking of the OP. Its merely thought control.

What is Kasichs actual stance Birth Control-Contraceptives. I remember the HP-58 bill which created havoc in Ohio, whats his present stance?

I bet you believe in the polls that favor Trump.:slight_smile:

No. That’s exactly the opposite of what I meant. I no longer believe in polls especially when they favor Trump. I’ll only believe them when the voting results come in.

I believe in the voice of we the people not the agenda of the GOP superpacks which has amounted to absolutely nothing that I see. Perhaps like the Israelites people are afraid of real freedom and need to be told who will be their leader :eek:

I like Kasich, but Trump is leading in Michigan, with Cruz not too far behind.

Trump is leading in Michigan - and Florida - now, but hopefully that will change, though I doubt it:


Hopefully, Kasich will take Michigan and Ohio from him. If Kasich does, there is almost no way any Republican candidate can win enough delegates for nomination:


I favor Kasich, but I doubt his growing numbers have anything to do with hatred of Trump. He’s simply the most qualified candidate, not well known in the south but much better known in the north.

I’m beginning to think that, with more people still in the field, it might actually prevent Trump from getting the majority of delegates outright, even if he maintains the overall lead.

I sincerely hope this will be the eventual result.

A small part of Ohio borders Michigan and the people of Michigan love Kasich almost as much as Ohioans do. I’m not at all surprised he is doing well in the polls in Michigan. I would not be surprised if he won the state. Michigan and Ohio, on the 15th, would be big losses for Trump.

I think Kasich is really the only qualified Republican candidate, but unfortunately, I don’t think he stands a chance at getting the nomination. He probably wouldn’t even get it at a brokered convention, though he’d be a good choice. Not well known enough to beat Clinton, though.

I do, too. That’s why I hope Rubio and Kasich stay in.

I do, too.

And, let’s not forget, Trump hasn’t actually gotten a majority (50% plus one) in even one state (if I remember right). The closest he’s come (again if I remember right) was Massachusetts where I suspect Democratic leaning voters were voting for him in the primary as unenrolled voters just because they think he’d be easy to beat.

He was my favorite from the beginning. But, as my son pointed out “He’s too moderate to get noticed.”

I don’t like that he is for Common Core (I absolutely disagree with him on that!).

I can’t get a read on what Utahns are thinking at this point, but I’m hearing the Mormons do not like Trump.

Oh, sure, how dire if Massachusetts votes for Trump at the Republican convention, we know its a real battleground state come November.

And by the same reasoning, we know that stadium in Lowell Massachusetts, I suspect was jam packed because they they he’d be easy to beat.


Let’s see, a candidate may actually be making the tent bigger in the party, so we criticize it.

Just check out the Lowell Massachusetts rally.

I guess if Rubio or Cruz attracted Hispanic voters, they would be broadening the party.

I guess if Carson attracted African American voters, they would be broadening the party.

But if Trump attracts white voters, it’s because they perceive he’d be easier for Hillary to beat.


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