Kasich: Women left their kitchens to support me


Kasich: Women left their kitchens to support me

While at a campaign stop in Virginia on Monday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich bragged about an army volunteers knocking on doors for him “and many women who left their kitchens to go out door to door and put yard signs up for me…” (Scroll down to see video of the moment.)

A woman in the crowd told Kasich she would support him but that she wasn’t coming out of her kitchen to do so.

Kasich’s campaign responded to the controvery by saying his remarks were clearly meant to refer to the grassroots nature of his campaign, often being run out of volunteers’ kitchens and homes.


Oh-oh, Political Correctness and a kind of humorous incident at the same time.

As they say, any publicity is good publicity, this gets him in the news even if it might be for the wrong reasons. Who knows?


Remember Romneys binder full of women? :slight_smile:




I assume some came from the board room, as well. Wonder if he needs salt with the crow.


If you look at the full text of his comments, he is talking about his first campaign back in 1978. It’s a simple statement of fact about how his early campaigns were run—considering there were a lot more stay-at-home-moms back then.

I can definitely see how people would take it the wrong way, though. He was probably trying to win points by showing that he had the support of women, but he ended up doing the opposite. I don’t think it’s warranted to read anything misogynistic into it, though.


Kasich is in general very harmless. I can’t see him offending anyone. The only annoying thing he’s done so far is his constantly interrupting others during the first few debates.


I’m sure it’ll be good for a scratch-and-dent by any paying attention, even though he meant nothing by it.


Too bad he didn’t work “barefoot and pregnant” into that sentence.

You just know the line was supposed to be “organising out of their kitchens.”


First thing that crossed my mind when I saw the headline was a succession of (ex-)wives and mistresses going into the workforce because he was an unemployed layabout. :smiley:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a commentary on Kasich, or any candidate for that matter. I wouldn’t know who he was if he bit me on the leg*. It had merely to do with the text of the headline.

*I can see the 911 call: “Help! Police! There is a man chewing on my leg!.. No, I don’t know if he’s John Kasich…uh, the right leg…why, does that matter?”


He was talking about his first campaign, he was then 26 years old so when he spoke about this happening seems nearly 40 years ago.

“They left their kitchens to support me and put up signs”, paraphrasing. Well, was it different 40 years ago? Perhaps. It certainly was close to this way before then definitely. So, read the whole context of the quote.


People can’t be bothered to read an quote and its quote. Think of the Pope/wall/Trump fiasco.

Kasich is a good man.


Gov Kasich is a good man and the kitchen is known to be a place where important business
is conducted. These supportive women will help him a great deal and of course return to the kitchen - everyone likes to be in the kitchen! :wink:


Off topic, but I always love your sense of humor. You crack me up.


No kidding. That man interrupts almost everyone who talks to him. Veddy, veddy bad habit.

The Donald can’t seem to finish thoughts or sentences very well; that may be why he raises his voice and over-emphasizes words.

Which leaves us with Ted.


I do and the emphasis that some put on that comment was just plain silly. But then all is fair in politics. I knew what he meant and there was nothing nefarious about it.


Too many don’t read past the headline to make their impression of a candidate. They don’t bother with a few pesky facts.


Facts? We don’t need no stinkin’ facts! :wink:


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