Kathleen Sebelius resigns


Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has resigned



Just another casualty in this administration over the healthcare reform.

I guess her resignation makes everything OK now.:wink:


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The only problem is that the one who will appoint the next secretary is as rotten as they come, so what good will come of this in the long run? The HHS mandate won’t go away until BHO does.


Sorry, the ACA is here to stay. Taking affordable health insurance from millions if American will never happen.


Mrs Sebelius has served longer than average for a cabinet officer and I saw nothing in the article to suggest she is taking responsibility for her poor performance as Secretary of HHS. No one in this administration gets fired for incompetence, or they would have a lot of positions to refill, especially at the Department of Justice.


Ding dong the witch is dead.:smiley:


Hope she doesn’t slam the door on her way out:shrug:


Problem is, for millions of Americans it is anything but affordable. Calling it the ACA doesn’t make it so.


She has submitted her resignation, but it will take effect after the mid-term elections.


One of my sons has a friend who has to pay more for ACA than they ever did for their previous insurance:shrug:


exactly, that is fantacy at its best and delusion at its worst.



Not sure why I have to repeat this but charity is required here, no name calling

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The AFA is not about expanding health care coverage, but about expanding the power of the federal government.

Why would you say it could never happen to remove health insurance from millions of Americans? The AFA is hostile to the whole dimension of prolife protection. It helps ensure the rights of the medical establishment to abort Americans right up to the moment of birth, and potentially, right after birth. It also is one step behind certain European countries that ration health coverage for elderly and disabled, indirectly causing them to die much sooner than before. Overall the AFA leads to a net loss in coverage.


Here is a direct link to the CNN article:

Official: Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigning

According to senior Obama administration officials, Sebelius told the president in early March that she thought the enrollment period would end well and, after that, she would step down. Even granted the initial uproar over the website, her decision to resign was on her own accord, the officials said.

Burwell’s nomination is set to be announced at 11 a.m. Friday, according to a White House official.

OMB director Sylvia Burwell is expected to replace Sebelius


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Here is some information about Sylvia Burwell.

Ms. Burwell, who has spent much of the past year mired in Washington’s fiscal fights, including the standoff that led to a 15-day government shutdown in early October, also handled health policy as part of her job as Mr. Obama’s budget chief.

At 48, she is on the other side of the digital divide from Ms. Sebelius, 65, who foundered in part because of the vast technical problems with the administration’s health care website overseen by her agency.

Ms. Burwell, the second woman after Alice Rivlin to be White House budget director, has a reputation for strong organizational skills and for navigating the lumbering bureaucracy of government. Peter Orszag, Mr. Obama’s first budget chief, praised her last year for “making the trains run.”


I suppose in one way we shouldn’t be too hard on Sebelius. After all, she was just a tool the devil used and has now thrown away.:shrug:


Perhaps not forcing people to violate their consciences (via the HHS Mandate) will happen.


Kathleen Sebelius was pro choice long before she joined this administration.

However, just another political ploy to make us dumb citizens all think she was the only one responsible for all the mess in the Health Care Act enrollment. :hmmm:


She is Greek-American - is she Eastern Orthodox? What will her bishop/priest say about Holy Eucharist? Doesn’t matter anyway, as an Obama Liberal she is probably non-observant anyway.

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