Kathy Griffin Beheads Donald Trump in Bloody Shock Photo

Our culture continues to go to dubious vistas. (Yet another example of Hollywood “taking the high road”) . . . .

**Kathy Griffin Beheads Donald Trump in Bloody Shock Photo **

by DANIEL NUSSBAUM 30 May 2017

Kathy Griffin posed with the severed head of President Donald Trump in a bloody photo shoot for artist and photographer Tyler Shields this week.

In one image, obtained by TMZ, the 56-year-old My Life on the D-List comedian looks directly into the camera while hoisting up Trump’s severed head, which is covered in dark red blood. . . .

(Warning. Do NOT enter this story’s link if you are upset by the appearance of blood. Although fake blood, the appearance is real enough that the sqeamish should avoid it)


Griffin has had “issues” in the past with her Anti-Catholicism (here for one example),
bullying (bullying a politician’s child here),
anger issues associated with her pro-abortion activism (here),
and an on-air sexual assault for which she was never held accountable for . . . . Not even by Chelsea Handler or Meryl Streep (I won’t link to it but if you want to see that story you can Google “CNN viewers stunned as Kathy Griffin tries”). CNN has actually implicitly “rewarded” this behavior by having her back on-air.

Well, I would have to say being beheaded would be a very “poetic justice” death for someone who arms the Saudis.


I’m not the one arming Saudi Arabia, he is.

A Disgusting, hateful, and evil statement.

Arming Islamic Fundamentalist countries is disgusting, hateful, and VERY evil.

By the way are you covering your face with a cloth thou lowly female? If you’re not them you deserve to be beaten/killed.
These are the scum he is supporting.

Isn’t Kathy Griffin kind of like the liberal equivalent of Anne Coulter? Generally, she has nothing useful to say and just goes for outrage in a lame attempt to stay relevant.

Seems to be the norm for those opposed to Trump.
My guess is he is fair game because he is a rich white male,representing the opposing party,which makes him the most reviled creature by the left.:rolleyes:

I am as right wing as they get. Trump is an adulterer and a partner in crime with the Saudis (the beheading reference).

Not even close. Coulter is a successful author, is often on the talk show and news circuits, and was one of the first to successfully predict that DJT would be POTUS. Griffin is an irrelevant D-list celebrity who can barely sell her stand up shows, except maybe to a gay audience, and on New Year Eve her friend Anderson Cooper takes pity on her desperate patheticness and let’s her Co host his show.

I’m not a fan of Ann Coulter either.


Oh yes, Please Ms Coulter rant to us more about how soccer is degenerate.
Her only asset is having better looks than Jerry Falwell.

She’s always been crass and vulgar so this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Well, I agree on the uselessness of Kathy Griffin, but I don’t see how Coulter brings anything more to the table. She seems like a fake conservative commentator taking advantage of her gender to cover up that she has nothing original to say.

Also,she is an attention monger,why else would she do something this outrageous!

If the target was Obama it would have been racists. It would have been linked to a culture of oppression and lynching. But maybe we could consider this racists against Muslims since they have a culture of beheading?

No wonder right wingers get a bad rap.

Trump is in bed with the chief of the beheaders.

Is he also Hitler reincarnated? Come on now, let us see the full range of your mind.

Trump is arming the Sunnis so they can destroy the Christians and the Shias. He is Reagan reincarnate and is supporting modern day (“freedom fighters”) Taliban. He is also in bed with the Turks.

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