Katie Couric leaving CBS

With Katie Couric leaving CBS nightly news in a few months, and talk of a replacement, thought Bernie Goldberg had an interesting article about the new “guy” and nightly news in general. It makes one wonder if this is an idea that has come and gone?

“An Idea Whose Time Has Come — and Gone”


Quote from the article:

And then there’s the biggest problem of all for the new CBS anchor – and for all the others. Network evening newscasts are an idea whose time has come – and gone. They made sense 40 or 50 years ago, before cable television and the Internet. Back then, if you wanted to see national and world news on TV you had to be in front of your television set at dinner time. If you weren’t there, you didn’t see Walter Cronite or Huntley and Brinkley. It was your loss.

Now, you can get the news at seven in the evening or two in the afternoon or noon or four in the morning. And you can get it on television or on your cell phone or on your computer or on your underpants. It’s everywhere all day long. Once, Cronkite was the most trusted person in America. Does anybody really think Brian Williams or Diane Sawyer is the most trusted person in America today? Or to put it another way: the network evening news isn’t that big a deal anymore.

Roselle: Its hard to say who’s the most trusted.No matter which network one belongs to they are still limited to a degree on what they say.If they were to state an opinion which most disagreed with and continued they would certainly lose ratings and eventually be fired.Williams may be the most trusted but that doesn’t’ mean most people trust him.

I am happy to say I spend no time watching CBS. I have nothing against them but really believe it is a poor use of time.

I have heard there is a wireless version of CBS, also knowns as Christ’s Blessed Sacrament (Eucharistic Adoration). I highly recommend it.

I don’t know of one person who regularly watches the network nightly news.

Everyone I know gets our news off various Internet sites.

I do watch the *Today Show *when I am getting things ready in the morning, but that is more news/entertainment/human interest.

Bernie Goldberg hits the nail on the head.

My husband is a local news anchor, and he’s been saying what Goldberg states for a while now. There are so many different ways for people to receive information, 24/7, that the idea of nightly network news has become rather quaint. (Daily newspapers are heading even more rapidly in the same direction, sadly.)

The whole “broadcast” business has changed radically, with cable, satellite and the internet changing the way “content” is delivered. Before too long, networks likely won’t bother with local affiliates, bypassing them and delivering programming through cable and satellite companies. There will be little need for multiple local news outlets - you’ll likely see only a couple local stations offering newscasts; people will always want really local information (“hyperlocal”) however. We’re just hoping that the station my husband works at (for 26 years) is in business, and still doing local news, until he retires in about 7 years.

Considering how inept and generally clueless the networks and even local news personnel tend to be, I can’t imagine anyone will care.

"Today, a woman was dragged from her car to the woods nearby and attacked. In other news, dog ballet is debuting at the Smithsonian and our very own Holly is down there at the scene. Are the dogs behaving down there, Holly?

Absolutely. And it’s crazy fun!

In other news, there’s a wreck on the Wilson Bridge which will paralyze traffic for most of you but let’s go back to Holly."

The network national news is not all that much better. Who the heck wastes time watching Katie Couric, Brian Williams, or any of those folks?

I watch the evening news faithfully. I don’t have cable, so I watch network TV news.

I don’t like reading news on the internet–it takes too long and it’s too vast.

I don’t like reading news magazines–they’re always a few days late.

I don’t listen much to the radio, other than our local talk radio when I’m in the car.

I do read the daily newspaper, but mainly to learn the local stories.

I like the visual impact and the timeliness of television news.

I fully understand that I am seeing what they want me to see, and that a different slant to the story could give the U.S. a totally different story.

E.g., when reporting on the March For Life from Washington–i.e., IF there is a report on this story (often it’s ignored)–the cameras will show the small number people present who are pro-abortion, but the cameras will utterly ignore the vast and diverse crowd of anti-abortion marchers, especially the large number of intelligent and beautiful women who are marching along with all the men.

I also fully understand that almost all journalism in the U.S. today is no longer just reporting, but editorializing (preaching).

Almost all stories, even sports stories, are reported with editorializing which often undermines Christianity, traditional morality, traditional family values,and the culture of life. People who espouse these good and wholesome things are portrayed by the news journalists as rednecks or criminals. This all comes across in the news–the reporters seem so open-minded and intelligent and beautiful, while the Christians are presented as close-minded, ignorant, and often frumpy or hawk-like.

I can’t stand CBS news and Katie Couric in particular. CBS is flagrantly liberal, and twist every story to make conservative values look stupid. I think that the entire network is heavily influenced by Oprah Winfrey and her ultra-new-age thinking. She’ll be gone soon, and it will be interesting to see if there are any changes at CBS.

When Pres. Bush (the younger) was in office, Couric’s stories were sickening, degrading. .

ABC isn’t much better.

I prefer Brian Williams and the NBC journalists. They are liberal, but I think that their stories are much more fair towards conservatives. Remember Tom Brokaw’s great feature (now a book) on “The Greatest Generation” about those who served in WWII?

I’m not very upset that Couric is leaving. I’m hoping we don’t see much of her from now on.

I think some of you may be interested in this: newsbusters.org/blogs/rich-noyes/2011/04/04/katie-couric-leaving-cbs-evening-news-look-back-her-worst-bias

That is an interesting article, about different biases Katie has shown through the years. Thanks for linking to it. I think that is one change we are seeing in news reporting today, more of a personalization of news. With all the news sources available to us, on cable, and the internet, we can find information more to own particular beliefs. I believe that aspect of the change a positive move for Americans.

And talking about further change and women leaving the news business, saw this morning that Meredith Vieira, who had replaced Katie on the Today Show, is looking to leave journalism soon.

“Meredith Vieira Eyeing Exit From ‘Today,’ Report Says”


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