Katie Holmes' Catholic plans for Suri

How much of an article are we allowed to quote?

"Katie Holmes reportedly wants to enrol daughter Suri into “kiddie Catholicism” classes - even though husband Tom Cruise is a devout Scientologist.

"The actress, who was raised a Catholic, gave up her religion and embraced the bizarre sci-fi cult when she met in Tom in 2005.

"But Katie has now allegedly been secretly talking to pastors about her child’s upbringing, and wants to enrol one-year-old Suri into some classes when she is older to learn about the faith, according to Life and Style magazine.


Hmm, we can hope she comes to her senses - Tom’s former wife Nicole Kidman has re-joined the Catholic church.

You’d think he’d have learned and chosen a Scientologist lass for his third wife, wouldn’t you!

But Katie Holmes is not a practicing Catholic is she?

She was brought up Catholic but I guess “converted” to Scientology or at least accepted it. I feel badly for her. I think she was a girl from a small town who within an instant had all her childhood dreams realized at the highest levels possible and didn’t really have a chance to step back and think about what was actually happenning and think longterm about her life. Going from shopping at Franklin Park Mall with allowance money to Rodeo Drive with movie star money and dating Hollywood celebs. It was probably overwhelming for someone in their early to mid 20s. Hopefully she is able to “slow her life down,” bring her faith back into her life and get Suri on the proper foundation!!!

I’ll give my sympathy to people who deserve it. Like the families of soldiers who have died, the soldiers who have lost limbs and been mentally scared by defending us, abused kids and women, the homeless, those hurt by the abuse scandal in the Church but not one drop for some spoiled, rich Hollywood star like Katie Holmes. She knew exactly what she was doing and she did it for the fame and money. She made her bed now she has to lay in it.

I hope she does. I’m not in agreement with a lot of what Catholicism teaches but its a heck of a lot better than scientology…those people are nuts.

we don’t have CCD classes for one-year olds. What a Catholic parent should be worried about at this age is having the child baptized, which is done through the faith of the parents, and in which the parents make a solemn promise before God and the Church to raise the child Catholic. If this is not going to happen, religious instruction is moot.

You are certainly entitled to “give your sympathy” to whoever you want (and I am sure they are very grateful of such a lavish gift); obviously soldiers deserve more than just sympathy (actually, most probably want our respect and gratitude, not necessarily our sympathy, though I can’t presume to speak for them)…abused women and children certainly do. Those hurt by abuse in the Church do as well. Katie certainly was tempted and has apparently fallen short as a result. Certainly in that she has taken on Scientology and presumably doesn’t practice her Catholic faith. You can say what you want or feel what you want about her. I am sure that when your number is called, you will be judged with the same mercy and understanding as you show others.

Not necessarily. I can understand where you are coming from, but don’t we need to pray for her? and for all those that have lost their way??? Correct me if I’m wrong but I have heard it said that Our Lord would like us to pray for all who need our prayers and especially those that have lost their way.

I do pray for all lost souls but since I have a limited amount of time I can spend in prayer I am not going to single out Katie Holmes like I do others who I know need my prayers. Maybe I was not clear in my statement.

Why do you feel she deserves anymore compassion or prayers than anyone else who has fallen away from the Catholic Church? I do pray for all of them, I just don’t have time to spend in prayer for her alone. That said I don’t have time for this thread anymore either.

Maybe she secretly had Suri baptized w/o Tom’s knowledge. I know of someone who did this w/o her Muslim husband knowing they were baptized (he still doesn’t know). Then again this is all speculation based on a tabloid report.


Maybe God does work in mysterious ways and eventually she will bring Tom into the Catholic Church?



I don’t! The topic was Katie Holmes, who was I supposed to talk about!!?:slight_smile: That is good that you pray for as many as possible. Hope everybody does!

I believe Tom Cruise was once Catholic as well (I could well be wrong here)…but, you never know, hopefully that is how that will work out.

I think that some people like to change others…makes them feel powerful or something. I always liked Tom Cruise, but his behavior towards marriage…that things have to be his way or no way…his total disregard for God…I dunno. His acting even doesn’t appeal really to me, after reading about his domineering ways off camera.

I feel for Katie…it would be hard to turn down a proposal from Tom Cruise, but, I think she’s realizing that this isn’t the life she thought she’d have with him.:o

yes, he was raised Catholic. you be right.

I also wondered what sort of classes she was hoping to enroll her one-year old in. The only thing my parish offers for one-year olds is the nursery during Mass…hey! Maybe it’s code for “Katie’s returning to the Church and is attending Mass once again…”?

I used to confess my squalid little fascination with supermarket tabloids every time I went to Reconcillation. Then, I got so tired of having to do so, that I stopped buying them (I still scan the titles while in the checkout line, though :stuck_out_tongue: ). Curiously, even the thought of another Cruise wife (possibly) returning to Church doesn’t interest me in the way it once did. Now I’ll just pray for them.

Once upon a time he was a seminarian, correct?

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