Katie Holmes returns to the Catholic Church


Five years after revealing that she had started to study Scientology, Katie Holmes has officially returned to the Catholic faith, registering as a parishioner at the Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York City.

PRAISE THE LORD!!! Now let’s hope Katie breaks open the CCC and starts to study her faith again! I wonder with 5-6 years away if she could go through RCIA justg as a refresher. Would she have to at this point? God bless Katie Holmes. Hopfully soon Suri will be baptized!

Unfortunately it is the liberal, pro-gay parish frequented by Nancy Pelosi. But it’s a start. Being a “welcoming inclusive community” I wonder if they will make her observe the waiting period after a divorce to return to Communion? Did Tom (an ex Jesuit seminarian) and his first wife (Catholic Nicole Kidman) ever get their marriage annulled? If not, then a ligamen can be easily obtained by Katie in a few weeks.

Hopefully she will eventually get into a more orthodox parish.

Tom was married to Mimi Rogers before Nicole Kidman. What a tangled mess…

Waiting period? What waiting period? Confession is required; I have never been aware of any “waiting period” mandated.

I was away from the church for 17 years and all it took was a good confession to get back in the game. Good luck to her, I hope she grows in her catholic faith and stays away from false religions in the future.

There is no waiting period for Communion after a divorce…

My apologies, after some fact checking discovered that it is not the norm to require a divorced person to be separated from the Eucharist as a discipline. It was required of a very close friend of mine, so I assumed it was the norm.

Mea culpa

Why would they make her observe a waiting period after a divorce to receive Communion? I was not aware that anything other than Confession was required.

Aren’t those Scientology fans crazy?

Presumably the Kidman-Cruise marriage was annulled, as Nicole entered into a second Catholic marriage after her union with Cruise.

However, by all accounts Holmes and Cruise only had a Scientology ceremony. In which case she, as a baptised Catholic who presumably neither applied for nor was granted a dispensation of form or dispensation from disparity of cult, should be able to get the marriage annulled.

PRIASE THE LORD ! It’s a start but one thing bothers me , is she actually catholic because she was scientologist for 5 years and then just turns around and says I’m registering as in the parish now does she actually know Jesus and the faith or is that what she’s trying to find out and explore ?

Yes that Church is seriously pro-gay. But it’s a start indeed.

I’ll see if I can lure her to a TLM. :smiley:

No she’s a Catholic because that’s what she was originally before Cruise lured her into that Scientology mess. She’s going back home.

Nicole remarried in her family’s Catholic Church in Sydney, so yes, it was certainly annulled. Or more correctly:

It was simply clearly never a valid marriage to begin with as it was administered by Scientology without dispensation, so there was no need to proceed with official investigative processes.

I think perhaps Homes could get the same treatment, meaning she might not even have to wait for the Divoce to go through, before she returns to communion. But I seem to recall they actually took nuptuals in a Catholic Church for the sake of Katie’s family? and then proceeded to marry in the Scientology ceremony? That could complicate things…

According to this article(weddings.about.com/od/celebrityweddings/a/tomkat.htm), they only took vows in Sceintology… so looks like she could follow Nicole’s lead in simply having it treated as if it was never even questionably a marriage and she has never really been married at all.

Well, he did marry Mimi Rogers - I don’t think that marriage was ever annulled. Meaning he may have not been free to marry (mind you if he was baptised Catholic and didn’t marry her in a Catholic ceremony it might not be a valid marriage either … oy vey, Canon Lawyers must dream up these sorts of tangled marital scenarios in their nightmares!)

I am glad she is returning to her faith. Hopefully, she will have her daughter receive the sacraments as well as her daughter Suri is not far from the age of reason where she could receive all 3 initiation sacraments like my niece did at age 7 & nephew at age 9 at the Easter Vigil because my sister (a fallen away Catholic) finally consented to have her kids Catholics. My sister’s kids participated in a children’s version of RCIA with several other kids of their age range plus received faith instruction with my mother (as she got materials from the religious education director and permission to do so).

There are no news reports that Katie is considering marriage or even dating another person. At this time, she wants to look after her daughter and herself The ink is barely dry on the civil divorce papers at this time. So if she wishes to remarry in the future, I am sure the priest at her church will guide her accordingly of what she and her future spouse need to do to prepare.

I wonder if Katie and Suri will be at Mass next weekend



I tell you, for her to make such a fast move, guess what was in her mind when she was in that crazy Scientology thing. It must seem like coming from Hell to Heaven…

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