Katy Perry wins a victory in battle to buy nuns' convent in Los Feliz


In a victory for Katy Perry, a Los Angeles judge announced Wednesday that she intends to block an effort by nuns to sell a Los Feliz convent to a competing buyer.The decision marks another major twist in the fierce real estate fight among a pair of nuns, Perry, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and a well-known restaurateur over the fate of the coveted property.



I do not like how this liberal singer who appears to hate Christian values won over devout nuns.


This is a battle between the nuns and the Archdiocese, Katy plays an incidental role in the whole affair.


What Christian values does Katy hate?


She didn’t really. The nuns think it’s their property to sell but the Archdiocese holds the title. The nuns had a deal with another buyer and it would be the Archdiocese that would be selling the property to Perry. In another article I read the neighborhood would prefer that Perry be the buyer because the the other buyer has a rep for making changes to her properties that change the neighborhood and not for the better.


She seems to hate the traditional family. She is a staunch supporter of LGBT rights.


There’s a deal of difference between supporting LGBTQ and ‘hating’ the traditional family.


She supports divorce, SSM, LGBT rights, etc. I really hope Katy Perry does not get it.



This article provides for some better detail on the Archdiocese’s involvement in the sale.


I do not like how this liberal singer who appears to hate Christian values won over devout nuns.

Just because she supports people’s rights, it doesn’t mean she HATES what you describe as “the traditional family” or “christian values.”

In fact, she has a traditional family of her own that she loves very much.
She is very philanthropic, giving time and money to help disadvantaged children, build shelters for the homeless, and raise money to help young women with breast cancer.
Both her parents are Christian pastors and she grew up singing gospel music in church.
“I pray all the time,” she says, “for self-control, for humility.”

How does she HATE the “traditional family” and whatever you feel are “christian values”?



If I understand correctly the diocese wants to sell the property to Katy Perry-a person I know absolutely nothing about .


She mocks our values.


You do know she isn’t Catholic


Nope. Supporting especially "marriage’’ rights for the LGWXYZwhatever is specially aimed at undermining the traditional family.

You could have all the marriage rights you wanted by contract/will provisions. But the LFGFEESwhatever community doesn’t care about that. They (knowingly or not-some supporters are just useful id…, well I’ll stop from posting an uncharitable remark ) want to overthrow the traditional family.


Yes, she does.


I do know that.


You realize not everybody is going to agree with you on everything right?


I also know that.


Well, now that marriage between a man and a woman is illegal opposite-sex couples can get the same thing from contract/will provisions so what’s the problem?

Actually, I’m hearing that marriage between a man and woman is not illegal. Sounds like there’s no problem!


I’m not familiar with instances when she’s mocked your values…when/how has she done this?


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