Kavanaugh accused of decades-old sexual misconduct in letter



Lol. Woman who refused to identify herself made claims about him in high school that are unverifiable. And Feinstein got this mystery letter in July?

What a joke. The letter was probably written by Anita Hill. I guess Feinstein feels like since he is going to be confirmed legitimately, there is no harm in trying to injure his reputation for all time. Classy lady.


My understanding is that there is some corroborating evidence. We shall see.


Can you link us to it. I’ve not seen any evidence that he did anything, just of an accusation 35 years ago. The two are very different.

And given that this was high school, not sure I care.


Hypothetical question: “I heard that ‘niceatheist’ sexually molested a young person 35 years ago. I can’t tell you who I heard this from, or details about it, but I’m going to share it with niceatheist’s family and employer, and force niceatheist to prove it never happened. Until such a time, niceatheist should never be considered for future employment and should be considered not trustworthy around young people.”

Would you think it moral and fair if I publicized such a claim about you?


He’s probably not still a pervert…give him a break…although the opposing party would capitalize on the same youthful mistakes if it served their political needs…so why all the self righteous indignation?


My understanding is that no laws were broken, even then.
There was no sexual misconduct, just some teen libido.


Even if it was true, who hasn’t done some stupid thing where they crossed the line with the opposite when they were in high school?! That’s part of growing up is making mistakes with the opposite sex


Exactly why not go back to jr high or grade school for that matter.?Maybe he pulled some girls’ pigtails!


No you are wrong, this type of politcal pettiness is right out of the Dem playbook


What, did he write his phone number in her yearbook with a winky face next to it?

This is has got to be one of the most pathetic smear campaigns I have ever seen. Maybe I will draft an anonymous letter alleging that Feinstein only passed high school because she got friendly with the principal. Sorry, can’t reveal my souces, they are secret. But it happened!


Or you could allege she employed a Chinese spy for decades,
The media would still ignore it!


He went to an all-boys school in Maryland.

Np girls to tease or to pick on.

His accuser is in California.



OMG!! While he was 7 [seven] years old!!

Oh the humanity!!


If we’re going to start busting people over 50 for stuff they did back in high school, then I’d say about 90 percent of Washington DC is going down.

Years ago, I used to like Dianne Feinstein. I’m sorry to see that she has turned into such a cartoon the last few years.


I’d be busted straight away as making silly mistakes is as noted by other posters a large part of growing up. This is rather a pathetic smear campaign indeed.


Another lame attempt by the democrats on their endless need to throw whatever
might stick at President Trump and anyone associated with him. Very sad.
Very predictable. Very pathetic.


This is so like BOGUS! A good old has to be anonymous female, felt compelled to come forward now! NEVER DID ANYTHING AT THE TIME! He has a clean Hx. She probably was a teen age girl, rebuffed.” I’ll get him now.” They’d report him playing SPIN THE BOTTLE!

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

God, put a hedge of protection, around Judge Kavanaugh & his family.
In Jesus name


LOL, looks like a fun game, wish I had played it as a kid.

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