Kavanaugh Drama Risks Driving Moderates, Women Away From GOP


Here’s the long term goal.

Scare tactics, I don’t buy it and that article is Bloomberg, who I think for an opinion piece, is a biased organization.

Has National Review, American Spectator and Rush and about all of Conservatism support Kavanaugh? Yes, I think so.

Erik Wasson? Who is this? He’s a coauthor.

No, I don’t buy it one bit.


The base is secure, but the GOP won’t hold on to the House with just its base.

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If they lose the house, they were already on their way to doing that.

If the Repubs lose the house, it’s their own fault. All of these George Wills and Bill Kristols and “purist” snobs have indisputably driven some Repubs into inaction. Never mind Trump’s policies and appointments, he’s too rough-cut to suit them.

On the other hand, while possibly the Dem strategy of trying to drive evangelicals, traditional Catholics and fundamentalists away by harping on Trump’s morals in the past, has been successful with some, I think it’s probably not much of a success.

As far as driving “moderates” away, that means Democrats and the Repub snobs, and they were already never going to support Trump or the mainstream party. A “moderate” is actually a “liberal” in modern parlance. As far as women are concerned, I really have my doubts that Ford is going to change the voting of any women to speak of. Same deal. Those who are going to go all aflutter about Ford’s tale weren’t going to stay Repub anyway, if they ever were.

But the “Sarah Palin Repub” women are a tougher lot, and will stick.


All of this implies women don’t vote on policy, but rather on personality. Any women out there think that is insulting?

Pro-abortion rights women still voted for the alleged rapist Bill Clinton simply because he supported abortion rights and his Republican opponents did not.


I think radical Democrat feminism has overplayed its hand with this Ford business. Perhaps not with the Collins’ and Murkowskis, but I think with ordinary women.

People might think “me tooism” is attractive to most women, but I have my doubts. I don’t know any women who are not infuriated by that tribe, and those hats in particular.


The article seemed factual to me, with only a very few opinions expressed. What fraction of the article do you consider to be opinion? And cite a few of those “opinion” claims, if you could.

This article did not voice an opinion one way or the other on the “support” question. It was just a statement of what might be at stake.

I would probably put the blame on Trump if they lose the House. Actually, my opinion of the mainstream Republicans has gone up, mostly because of how many of them (like McCain) were courageous enough to stand up to Trump.


Of course. You seem to be a Democrat, or at least always take the Dem side of things. So it is no surprise that you would approve of Repubs who don’t like Trump. But I doubt you would vote for a single one of them.

“Standing up to Trump” is the cheapest claim of distinction in existence at present.


Those with principles shouldn’t care if they don’t get votes for them.

I guess you missed this one of mine from Sept. 12.

As a woman it is insulting to me what they
are doing. It is so obvious and women should be angry that they are using sexual
assault to get what they want. It is so clear this woman is being coached. This is absurd and pathetic.
I would hope most women can see through what they are doing. I am sick of the games the democrats play. They really must have low IQ’s.


I’m not Repub, but anyone so bothered about this that they would leave a party should be more concerned that somebody from their high school or their husband’s high school will pop up after 35 years and accuse them or their husband of committing a sex crime at some party way back when, with zero reliable evidence.


We are going to keep both the house and the senate. People vote their pocketbook and with the economy doing so well people are going to want to keep it going.


This morning I was watching TV while trying to get my eyes to stay open, and I saw Geraldo Rivera come on and say something I’ve been saying from the beginning. Now, keep in mind that Rivera describes himself as “pro-choice”. He admitted, all the same, that the Kavanaugh mess is about abortion and nothing else. The Dems don’t care about what Kavanaugh might or might not have done when he was 17, they’re concerned that he might be prolife.

I take it a step further. Nobody actually knows how Kavanaugh would vote if Roe came before the court again. He has never said. The Dems think he’s prolife ONLY because he’s Catholic and is seemingly a serious one. That being the case, this Kavanaugh debate is about the anti-Catholic bigotry so rampant nowadays in the Dem party. Bigotry is exactly making a negative (to the one considering it) assumption about someone based solely on his race, ethnicity, gender or religion.

No Catholic should ever vote Dem again until it purges itself of its anti-Catholic bigotry. Right now, the party is no better than the KKK in the 1930s.


What a bunch of wimps the Repubs are…just vote the guy in…they have the majority in both houses…it was a high school party 35 years ago…good grief…grow some *****…even Trump is turning into a wimp by saying she should be given a hearing…once again…IT WAS A HIGH SCHOOL PARTY 35 YEARS AGO…get over it…elect him to the Supreme Court and move on…“let him (or her) who is without sin cast the first stone”


I agree👍I guess the republicans have already capitulated to the accusers demands in that they have given her until Thursday of this coming week to testify. We all know where this is going…


Does she need more time to get her story
straight? Have they capitulated to all her demands? She is the one making the allegations, she should go first! The fact
she is even making demands is ridiculous.


I agree.Its all,about listening to the women.I say everyone should listen to,a Mark Levin a constitutional lawyer.His perspective on this is very enlightening and spot on!
The Republicans need to stop being such wimps for starters

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