Keep Christ in Christmas


Hi everyone,

Well, my mom was tired of using store-bought Christmas cards, so she asked me to write a little Christmas poem, and we could send that out for cards. I wrote a religious version of the Night Before Christmas in 6th grade, and she wanted to send that out. I said no, I could come up with something better.

The day before my dad and I were talking about how nobody keeps Jesus in Christmas anymore. For instance, Obama invited people over to the White House to light the “holiday tree”. and how Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes’s and other stores don’t sell nativity scenes. I felt in my heart that I needed do to something.

Well, I went to Adoration, and I wrote the poem before the Blessed Sacrament:

It seems like Christmas
Has become about what you buy.
Boxes, bows
And presents so high.

Sometimes we get lost,
And lose our way
We forget what really happened,
On the first Christmas day.

A child was born
In a stable so small
He would soon grow up,
And save us all.

Shepherds, kings, and angels
Full of God’s light
Saw the newborn Savior,
On the first Christmas night.

The best present ever,
Cannot be wrapped in a bow,
It’s the love of Jesus Christ,
Always, wherever you go.

Keep the child in your heart
Throughout the New Year.
Remember that God loves you,
And is always very near.

My parents loved it, they bought some nice printer paper to print it on. I thought, ok. yeah. I wrote a nice poem.
Somehow my dad’s boss got a copy of my poem. He went out and bought a frame to hang up in his office so everyone who passes in and out can see it. He sent me a card thanking me for it and saying how much it touched him.
My dad works as a probation officer, so there will be many criminals walking in and out of that office reading my poem. I’m thinking how awesome it would be if a criminal read my poem and had a conversion because of it.

My parents have not yet sent out the cards, but I’m anxious to see the reaction I get. I don’t think it’s any mystery why my mom wanted me to write a poem.

Merry Christmas to all of you. :slight_smile: Thanks for reading



Beautiful inspiring poem. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Merry Christmas to You also.
May the Infinite Christ-child fill your heart and those you love this Christmas season

God Bless.



What a nice poem:p What a beautiful card it will make too… and not standard and unfeeling but actually home-made:eek:

What a romantic idea, writing poems in adoration. I will have to try that sometime soon:thumbsup:


The poem you wrote was very beautiful and your parents should be very proud!
Please do me a favor though if you will.
The people who come into the probation office have may very well turned their lives around and should not be called criminals. A little forgiveness, especially during the Christmas season can go a long way. I am part of the Kairos prison ministry and even the men inside the prison deserve this forgiveness and they are still paying their debt.

Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!!!

Bill :thumbsup:


Oh, I don’t mean to call them that. I will change it.


Thank you so very much and again, Merry Christmas to everyone!


Hi everyone,

Well my mom has been sending my poem to everyone and their mother. She sent one to a wounded soldier at Walter Reed hospital, every relitave and family friend, and she wants to send them to all my teachers.

It’s crazy how much people like my poem!



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